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  • Flywheel Power: +25% Power, +25% Torque, +10% Economy
  • Price: From $1,195
  • Model Compatibility: Ranger, Territory Diesel, Everest
  • Installation Time: 1 Day

"You never thought a diesel could be this good, much better throttle response, much improved power whilst keeping reliability as the primary focus"

HPF has been custom tuning late model common rail diesel engines now for many years and we were one of the pioneers into this market before it became ‘all the rage’. We armed ourselves with the latest ‘Master tools’ and continue to add the latest hardware and software to stay at the leading edge of the technology, this allows us to go further into the mapping then most of our competitors and ‘MAP’ each vehicle individually on the dyno for the most effective and safest result. As such, we are able to offer industry leading warranties, guarantees and the results we achieve are rarely matched by the others in the market place.

This experience in tuning has now opened up a ‘Staged upgrade path’ for those looking for more than what a custom tune can offer. The Stage-2 package addresses the next level of components that limit power; generally this will be a turbocharger and associated hardware upgrade. The turbocharger upgrade is aimed at increasing air flow into the engine; this allows extra fuel to be added for more power and torque throughout the rev range. We still maintain our ‘reliability first protocol’ which maintains safe air fuel ratios and low EGT’s. You will note that the Stage-2 package may not include what is traditionally thought to be ‘essential diesel upgrades’ but rest assured, if it’s needed, it will be in the Stage-2 package.

Below you will find our ‘Stage-1’ custom tune results and below that, the ‘Stage-2’ package option where applicable. The full Option list for all models is below.

For more information on diesel flash tuning and how it works please visit our FAQ page.

PLEASE NOTE : The Horsepower Factory (HPF) has no affiliation with Ford and services offered by our company may impact on your vehicle manufacturer warranty as well as the fuel efficiency and emissions of your vehicle.


Everest Territory Ranger Ranger Ranger Ranger
Year 2015-2017 2011-2017 2006-2009 2006-2011 2011-2017 2011-2017
Model UA SZ PJ PJ – PK PX PX MK1 & MK2
Engine Capacity (Litres) 3.2 2.7 2.5 3.0 2.2 3.2
Engine Cylinders 5 6 4 4 4 5
Standard KW 143 140 105 115 110 147
Standard NM 470 440 330 380 375 470
CRD-Flash KW 180* 168* 135* 149* 135* 180*
CRD-Flash NM 630* 535* 420* 480* 450* 630*
$1,195 $1,195 $1,195 $1,195 $1,195 $1,195


PX-1 Ranger 3.2 PX-2 Ranger 3.2 Everest 3.2
1 x Before dyno run
1 x HP/F Stage-2 Turbo Upgrade
1 x Labour to fit
1 x Custom ECU Flash Tune
HPF Stage-2 KW 215* 215* 215*
HPF Stage-2 NM 690* 690* 690*
$3,795# $4,695 $4,695

#Price based on serviceable turbocharger.



Everest Territory Ranger Ranger Ranger Ranger
Model UA SZ PJ PJ – PK PX PX MK1 & MK2
Engine Capacity (Litres) 3.2 2.7 2.5 3.0 2.2 3.2
Process West Sepr8r PCV Catch Can $515 $515 $515 $515 $515 $515
High Performance Intercooler upgrade N/A N/A $1625 $1625 $1825 $1995
3″ Stainless Steel Turbo back exhaust N/A N/A $1290 $1290 N/A $1290
3″ Stainless Steel DPF back exhaust N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A $990
Secondary Fuel Filter system $550 $550 $550 $550 $550 $550
High flow 5-micron air filter element $120 $120 $120 $120 $120 $120

All prices include GST, labour and tuning as applicable.

*Quoted power, torque and economy figures are calculated at the flywheel and indicative of that vehicle, but may vary based on a number of variables including vehicle condition and additional upgrades.

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

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  1. avatar

    Hi, do you guys have a px2 3.2 ranger automatic gear box remap?

  2. avatar

    Hey, can anyone recommend a Perth based place to take the Ranger for performance upgrades ???


  3. avatar

    i have everest 2,5 tdci. i want to upgrade my everest.
    do you have agent in indonesia?

  4. avatar

    I’m after a remap for my ford everest however I am not after straight hp/tq gains as listed, after reliability more than anything with better throttle response. can you do a custom tune to say 160kw/550nm instead of the listed 180kw/630nm? not hearing good things with engines lasting with high tunes

    • avatar

      Hi Hunter, We have tuned a lot of Rangers/Everest and havent had any engine issues. In saying that we can defiantly custom tune it to a lower power and torque level.

  5. avatar

    Do you have an agent in Newcastle nsw?

  6. avatar

    Hey guys

    I have a 2018 ford ranger wildtrak 3.2 I have 147kw right now but I would like more power and torque what would I need to do to get more how much power will I have with 25% power and 25% torque and 10% deal

  7. avatar


    Do you have any agents in Sydney who can apply your tune to a 15 diesel territory?


  8. avatar

    Hey Rob,

    I’ve had my 2013 PX Ranger remapped, EGR blocked off, 3” exhaust, pedal module fitted and upperd by 5 psi. My torque went from 440nm to 770nm.. kw went from 96kw at the wheels to 150kw, as well as an extra 200km to a tank of fuel on highway use

    So my question is… what’s the limit you can take these weak ass blocks to before They’ll bust? Just curious if you have tested this? I’ve seen people go past the point I have and split blocks. Super keen to know if this is possible Or would it be worth going down the road of a billet block and push the 3.2 out to a 4.2?
    I’m definitely willing to try this if you know someone decent for a billet block.

    Thanks in advance

    • avatar

      Hi Willis, Sorry we haven’t done any durability testing to confirm the maximum torque and power a Ranger engine can take and I am not aware of any Billet blocks for them on the market.

  9. avatar

    Hi, I’m interested in your stage 2 package for my 2017 PX MK II + exhaust & intercooler do you guys have any preferred dealers/installers in perth for this package? Thanks…

  10. avatar

    Hi Guys, I am looking to upgrade my new Ranger 3.2Ltr (2016 model) with a new inter cooler but now considering your new turbo kit also?

    What brand inter cooler do you guys use, I was looking at buying a PWR before I came across your kits?


  11. avatar

    Hello, what brand of turbocharger do you use for a stage 2 px1 3.2? What boost pressure do you run it?

  12. avatar

    Just wondering what the stage two upgrade would do to fuel economy?

    • avatar

      Hi Mick, under normal driving economy won’t change however if you are using the additonal power you will use more fuel as more power equals more fuel!

  13. Hi

    Do you an intercooler for the Everest?

  14. Hi guys

    I’m looking to have a tune and airfilter / exhaust done in WA. Is this possible? If so where should I go / call?


  15. avatar

    Hi rob
    Just wondering if you have a dpf delete for 2016 px mk2 wildtrak and if so how much

  16. avatar

    Hey guys,

    Do you have a time package for the 200 series landcrusier ?
    If so what perfomance and fuel efficiency would it achieve.

  17. avatar

    How much for all 6 engine upgrades for th px2 2015 ranger parts/labour

    • avatar

      Hi Terry, Cost For Custom Tune is $1,195 Inc GST, Supply & fit Exhaust upgrade $1,215 Inc GST, Supply & fit Intercooler Upgrade $1,795 Inc GST, Supply & fit Catch Can $350 Inc GST, Supply & fit BMC Air filter $110 (EGR Disable is done as part of the ECU remap.)

  18. avatar

    Hi, any agent in Fiji

  19. avatar

    Hi guys I have a px ranger 2.2 2012
    I would like to get a bigger exhaust and remap and bigger inter cooler
    Do you guys have this available and if so how much and what sort of RWKW
    Would I expect and do you have anyone in Sydney to do the work

    • avatar

      Hi Tony, We are in the process of appointing some DTA agents in Sydney who will be able to offer all the upgrade you are looking for. Cost of Tune $1,195, Exhaust would be $1,295 & Intercooler upgrade would be around $2,000 Supplied & fitted.

  20. avatar

    Hi do you have a agent in sa that can tune the territory?

  21. Hi Guys,

    I have a 2011 Territory Titanium.
    How much would it cost to get the ECU slash and High performance exhaust system done at the same time?

    • avatar

      Hi David, Cost of ECU upgrade is $1,195 Inc GST and exhaust upgrade supplied and fitted in Aluminised steel $1,804 Inc GST or Stainless Steel $2,530 Inc GST.

      • avatar

        Hi Rob

        I was after a price on a flash tune and dpf delete on my Toyota Hilux sr5 turbo diesel d4D I already have a 3″ turbo back exhaust, Snorkel, k&N air filter, HPD front mount inter cooler and oil catch can.
        What type of improvement do you think I’ll see ?

        • avatar

          Hi Paul, The Toyota Hilux D4D doesn’t run a DPF? Maybe you mean EGR? Cost of tune would be $1,195 Inc GST. Power would increase to a minimum of 165Kw & 530Nm of torque.

      • Thanks Rob,
        What are the specs on the Territory Exhaust? is it a full replacement? what is the pipe diameter?

  22. avatar

    Hi Rob,

    Do you have an agent or recommened a tuner for a 2013 territory diesel in Brisbane?


  23. avatar

    Can you do that in Vietnam? I have Ranger wildtrak 3.2 2016.

  24. avatar

    Do you guys only tune 4×4 cars or other diesel vehicles as well. I have 2010 LVMKII Ford Focus tdci that I want to tune and was wondering if you guys provide tuning ?
    Thanx in advance

  25. avatar

    hi ,
    I am looking at the px ranger upgrade tune. do you service nsw. or can you suggest someone who does a similar thing to you. thanks

  26. avatar

    Hi there. I am buying a 2015 xls mk2. It is a 2015 but complied on the 1/1/16 if that makes a difference. I am wondering if you can do the tune on this vehicle as I am very interested in the extra power and torque also. I may even be interested in an exhaust to if you can explain to me how much more it will give me. Always drove a slow turbo diesel 06 triton, now I have a car I can mod and actually see a difference it makes me want to do it!

    I was put onto you guys from a friend that works in Alice springs he said you guys are awesome for super tuning a ranger
    Let me know what you think I should do

    Thanks a lot

  27. avatar

    HI Matt
    I have a 2012 Territory 2.7 its done 170k all highway, but now im in the hunter and really notice the turbo lag, as the girl is getting long in the tooth could you let me know the cost of bypassing the EGR and getting rid of the lag, the increase in power is not my driving force, longevity of the motor is my main drive. Cheers Baz

    • avatar

      Hi Baz, Yes we can switch the EGR off and get rid of the lag by custom tuning it cost is $1195 Inc GST and we would need the car for the day to carry out the tune.

  28. avatar

    Hi Rod
    I have a Mitsubishi triton and I am about to trade it on a new dual cab ute. My preference is for the ford ranger wildtrack or Hilux. Performance is the priority and I want to do the best performance upgrade. What is the best vehicle to deliver the best performance as I want to use it for traveling around Australia and when not doing that just use it as a second car that takes the rubbishy to the tip once a month. Technology is also important. Can yo also give me a budget that will deliver the best performance for these vehicles.
    Regards James Eddy

  29. avatar

    Dear Matt – I thought you may be interested in some feedback. Given the cost of dyno tuning it was a bit of a punt to commit to a tune hoping that the issues I have seen would be fixed.

    1. Fuel consumption: Last week on the same 300 km trip as I did yesterday I used 28% more fuel! i.e. – last week I was using 28% more than this week.

    That is nothing less than outstanding. I did a 300 km trip yesterday and achieved 9.7 l/100 km. I do this trip regularly and would normally use12.5 l/100 km, and even when new have never used less than 12 l/100 km – the tune is a 28% improvement. From new the car has never achieved less than 12 l/100 km on any trip. If this economy is indicative of things to come the cost of the tune will be paid back in less than a year!

    2. From the checking I have done there is no puffing of unburnt fuel,

    3. When accelerating through the rev range the car had flat spots and vibrations. In the range 2600 – 3000 rpm there were very harsh vibrations. Post tune the engine is smooth and consistent. The harshness at higher revs has disappeared.

    4. From the comparison dyno graphs for a 3.2l Ranger my car looks to be considerably down on power prior to the tune. The ambient air sensor was a long way out of calibration and I suspect that the ambient air pressure sensor is also out of calibration, but do not have the instruments to check it, and who knows what other sensors are out. I guess that the tune has highlighted to me that the dyno tune is a great way to bring the engine up to spec irrespective of what the calibrations is on the sensors as it literally tunes out the errors. Especially unbelievable is the increase in fuel economy – the economy figures are now in the band that Ford state in the literature – I have never seen this fuel economy.

    So thanks for the tune – well worth it.

    Regards, Peter

  30. avatar


    Can you advise me of the diesel tuning price for
    A 2011 Territory? And what results I can expect?
    Thanks Cam

  31. avatar

    Hi mate, thanks very much with the car, about 12 L instead of 15 L last trip, it towed with not a problem in the world, the hill at Eden was just a cruise. Thanks again mate, brilliant. Colin.

  32. avatar

    I have a 2013, 2.2ltr Ranger.

    I like it heaps.

    First tank of diesel 930km just after red light, may have got over 960km.

    After putting all tbe toold on board, it carries between probably 600-700 kg on the back every day.

    I get about 850 km per tank which I’m ok with.

    However, looking at your claims in your posts, and because I’ve done 85,000 km in only 2 and 1/4 years…
    What could you achieve in the economy area for me?

    • avatar

      Hi Nick,

      Hi Nick it is impossible to give you an exact indication of expected improvement in economy but the 2.2Ltr Ranger responds really well to remapping the ECU and picks up an additional 75Nm of torque which enables the engine to not have to work as hard especially when you have load on the back which translates into improved economy.

  33. avatar

    Hey Guys,
    I have a 2011 SZ Territory Diesel which I am very happy with – but more is always better. I am very interested in your tune. Does this alter the fuel rail pressure or just the engine mapping? Do you have a sister company or can you recommend someone in Adelaide?



    • avatar

      Hi Cotty72

      Sorry we don’t have a sister company in Adelaide.

      When remapping the ECU we change a number of the parameters which does include fuel rail pressure as well as injector duty cycle, boost etc.

  34. avatar

    Hi Matt, how much to supply and fit the 3″ exhaust in addition to the tune on my 2014 Ranger? 180 kW and 620 NM sounds awesom! Thanks Shane

  35. avatar

    Hi Matt,
    Just a note to say thanks to you and your team for the work on my Ranger yesterday.
    The turbo lag has been substantially reduced and is now almost non existent. The vehicle is running much better than at any time in the last 15 months that I’ve owned it.
    I am an extremely satisfied customer… I shall write a most favourable review on your website.
    Kind regards,
    Ford PX Ranger 2.2 litre

  36. avatar

    I just bought a 2015 ford territory titanium. Wondering if i get this tune will it void my warranty. Dont want to raise suspension by asking them

    • avatar

      Hi Jayden

      Recalibrating the ECU doesn’t void the warranty on the car but they may deny a claim if the failure is contributed to the upgrade.

      • avatar

        Hi Rob I have a 2014 mk2 territory titanium and want more poke for the runs out to the farm what products can you suggest I would probably utilise a couple things or a package as this will be her first upgrade from stock also I’m in Perth thanks mate

        • avatar

          Hi Ben, Best upgrade would be a ECU remap. We do have an agent in WA but he currently doesn’t have the hardware to do the ECU remap on this particular model, however we are in the process of setting him up so I would check back with us in a month or so.

  37. avatar

    hi guys
    im looking at getting one of your tunes for my 3.2 px ranger and already have a 3 inch exhaust on it with an egt bung.
    do you guys install gauges there aswell? im wanting boost and egt with my tune to keep an eye on things
    if so how much will the whole package cost installed and what gauges do you use?

    • avatar

      Hi George,

      The tuning is by far the best option for these cars, you can expect the power to go to around 180kw & 620nm.

      We offer Redarc gauges, these things are fantastic as they have two gauges in one and they do one gauge with both EGT and Boost. The gauges feature 13 select-able backlight colours, EGT and boost peak hold functions, multiple programmable alert levels with amber or red backlight and audible beep. These cost $395 plus fitting, fitting is around $330.

      The whole package would be $1990 with a mounting bracket.

    • avatar

      Hi George, just wondering how you are enjoying the mods? I am considering similar. Is the exhaust too loud when cruising? Cheers Shane

  38. avatar

    Are the figures for the PK ranger 3.0LTR done with JUST a tune or is that with an aftermarket exhaust too?

  39. Ford PX Ranger 3.2 XLT Manual
    The best thing I have ever got done to my Ranger.

    It’s a different car and drives so smooth throughout the gear changes.
    HP-F got rid of the flat spots and its inherited lag. Incredible power increase (50%) and increase in Kw making it a joy to drive. Noticeable increase in fuel economy even though its early days

    Matt Jackson was helpful and easy to work with. Answered all my questions before I decided to go ahead.

    Thanks for a great job Matt.

  40. avatar

    Nice job on my PX 3.2 guys… thanks for getting rid of getting all those flat spots, giving me all that down low torque, oh and the get up and go !
    A real pleasure to drive now… I would swear I have a stock petrol V8 under the bonnet now… feels like it ! Smooth as !

  41. avatar

    Thanks Matt and HPF for an awesome job on my September 14 / XLT 3.2 Ford Ranger tune and EGR block off !
    What a difference guys, it’s the best $1200 I’ve ever spent . I absolutely love driving my car now , the torque difference (40%) is incredible. It just gets up and boogies like its a V8 diesel 200 series Landcrusier. Unbelievable difference.
    Ford really rob there customers of this cars true performance, I’m glad I found you guys and would most certainly recommend this to anyone that owns a Ranger to get this done asap!
    There missing out if they don’t.
    Cheers Nigelinqld.

  42. avatar

    He Guys

    Just wondering if the 149kw you got on the 3.0l ranger was at the wheels? If so are you guys able to set up a system where you can switch between maps?


  43. avatar

    could you tell me is it a kit to bypass the egr if so how much and how much for the intercooler kit cause my ranger already has exhaust and air filter and snorkel.

    • avatar

      Hi Chris,

      We do not offer an EGR blank off kit, we basically fabricate one for the vehicle while the vehicle is at our shop. An intercooler kit for the 3.2 Ranger is around $1495 plus fitting and fitting will depend on what other auxiliary items you have fitted to the vehicle.

  44. avatar

    Hey Guys,

    I have noticed that you now have the Territory listed. It mentions with the ECU tune power is lifted from 140 / 440 to 180 / 520. What sort of numbers would you expect with the high performance exhaust, air filter and intercooler fitted?

    • avatar

      Hi Luke,

      We have not had a chance to tune one of these yet, but as its the same engine as the Landrover Discovery-3 TD (which we have tuned) i can tell you they make around 85kw at the wheels and will go to around 105kw and torque increases by around 23%. I do not have data on the results with other upgrades but typically you will not pick up big power with the exhaust, filter or intercooler upgrade.

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