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Renault ECU Tuning

  • Price: From $1195
  • Model Compatibility: Megane RS250. RS265, RS 275


HPF Euro-Tune offers a fully customized tuning solution to remap your vehicles standard Engine Control Unit (ECU) on our in house chassis dyno. Our highly trained and experienced ECU calibrators have been remapping EFI vehicles for the best part of 20 years and this experience puts HPF in an enviable position of offering true local custom tuning that is available for many European vehicles including the Renault Megane, Clio and others both in both Petrol and Diesel. Euro-Tune remapping is designed to improve the performance of most modern fuel-injected vehicles by remapping the standard software in your vehicle’s ECU to achieve better throttle response, increased power and torque and faster acceleration, producing a remarkable driving experience!

This sexy 2011 Renault Megane RS has received the HPF Euro-Tune treatment with a great result!

Power figures @ the Flywheel

Claimed Stock Calculated HPF Euro-Tune Increase
Power 184-201kW 225kW Up to 22%
Torque 340-360Nm 447Nm Up to 31%
0-100Km/h 6.1s* 5.7s*
* 0-100 Times may vary depending on vehicle and road conditions.


*Please note: Dyno Graph figures below are based on power & torque at the wheels.



More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

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    Hi I put a gts racing chip in my renaulth red Bull 7. But haven’t dyno it. It’s a lot fast . Much more torque. What yr review on the GTS racing chip. Rgds

  2. avatar

    Hi Matt
    You guys tuned my RS265 just over a year ago and I am very happy with the results.
    I compete in tarmac rally and got beaten by two Lotus Exiges at Targa High Country and I am looking for a little more power to try and even the odds.
    I have been in discussion with Engine Dynamics in the UK about upgrading the intercooler and replacing the downpipe with a decatted pipe.
    They have also suggested a turbo upgrade and larger capacity injectors.
    My questions are:
    1. Is it likely that the engine will function safely with a larger intercooler and decat downpipe, with the existing hp-f tune?
    I understand that to maximise the benefits of the modes I will need to bring it back to you but I live in Southern Tas and driving it up is the most economic option.
    2. If I upgrade the turbo and injectors, what sort of costs would I looking at to get you to fit the turbo and injectors, and re-tune the ecu?

    • avatar

      Hi Alan,

      Changing the intercooler is not a problem and wouldn’t require re-tuning. I would however recomend at least checking the tune if Changing the dump pipe to a catless pipe. To change the turbo and Injectors would be around $880 Inc GST in labour.

      Cost to re-tune it would be dyno time which I would estimate around $330-$550 depending on what upgrades you have obviously a turbo change would require more tuning time.

  3. avatar


    Apologies for being a little / a lot vague or even incoherent with my message but keen as just got car and GOOGLE says your my local RENALT tuner (not many options BTW in MELB)

    Budget $5000-$6000 total

    Thanks – ROBIN



  4. avatar

    I’m looking at fitting a titanium Akropovic exhaust as found on the RS275 to an RS265. Do you provide installation for this and can you source this? What would you estimate to be the total cost

  5. avatar

    Hi I am looking for advice on what a Mahabharata or Clio that I can wake up with a tune.are there any non rs models that can.be cost effectively improved both tune and suspension? Say a car 10-$12k? Any suggestions? Say from 2007 up?

    Ta, Chris

  6. avatar

    Hey guys, just purchased a Renault Megan’s IV GT, it’s the 1.6l turbo, can you tune that? If so, what sort of gains would you expect?

  7. avatar

    Hi folks,

    I’m about to purchase a 275. I really want the tune but would like the option of reverting it come service time or for any warranty applications.

    Do you guys offer any services where the customer can take home a standard map and reload at their convenience?

    I understand an RS tuner may offer this, but doesn’t provide a custom tune, only a generic map. Would you be open to tuning with a third party device that can store a stock map also?


  8. avatar


    Will a tune on a Megane 265 affect the throttle law settings (in RS Monitor)?


  9. avatar

    Looking into getting a Megan’s RS 265, coming from a fairly modified scirocco. So intake and exhaust not proving much improvement. Was curious whether BOVs and downpipe have shown much improvements with tuning done accordingly

  10. avatar

    Hi, can you tell me if you know of a reliable and experienced European tuner in Brisbane? Would like to chat with them about tuning a 2011 Megane RS250 Trophy.

  11. avatar

    Hello do you guys do anything for the Clio 3 RS 200

    • avatar

      Hi Franc, we can tune them but there isn’t a lot of power or torque to be gained in doing so around 10kw and 15nm of torque cost would be $1195 Inc GST.

  12. avatar

    I bought one of the last RS275 Trophy R available in Australia. What exactly would be the benefits if I apply your modification to my engine, power and otherwise?

  13. avatar

    Hi, I have 2014 Megane Wagon GT220, do you have anyone in Sydney you recommend to tune??

  14. avatar

    Hi Mario,

    I have a RS265 Megane and am looking at tuning it up. On top of this chip reprogram, what other modifications would you recommend and how much power could I expect to get out of them on top of the ECU re-map?

    • avatar

      Hi Brydon, The ECU remap will give you the majority of the power increase. Testing has shown exhaust and air intake upgrades don’t give you any worthwhile power or torque increase.

  15. avatar

    Hi boys just wondering if you do upgrade injectors for renault megane rs 250

  16. avatar

    Just about to pickup a 2015 RS275 Trophy. It has a full Akrapovic exhaust as standard – just wondering if you have done any work on one of these and, if so, what sort of results you might have seen ?

    • avatar

      Hi Mike, yep we have tuned a number of Megane RS 275 end result is the same as the RS250 or RS265

      • avatar

        So the exhaust doesn’t really add much if any ? Must be a pretty good design for the standard exhaust then ?

        • avatar

          Hi Mike, Correct there is little power gain in changing the exhaust or intake.

          • avatar

            Hey Rob – late follow up I know, but I went ahead and had the tune done. Great results as expected – HOWEVER last night the gearbox crapped itself when shifting over bumpy road surface under hard acceleration. It’s being towed into the dealership today. I assume they will check the ECU and realised it has been tuned – in your experience will this give them reason to deny the warranty claim?



          • avatar

            Hi Mike, sorry its hard to say but if they find that it has been tuned its possible they may blame that…We can flash it back to stock if you could get the car to us?

        • avatar

          Hey Mike or Rob, what ended up happening with the warranty claim an the gearbox? I’ve got a 275 Trophy and was looking at upgrade options, but would like to know what happened with your case before doing anything. Hope you got it sorted an the weapon is going strong! 🙂

  17. avatar

    Hey mate.. Renault 225 cup.. i got downpipe that needs fitment plus tuning.. can you guys to this

    • avatar

      Hi Milton, Cost to custom tune the car would be $1195 Inc GST. Not exactly sure how much to fit the dump would have to look at it depending on brand etc but I would estimate around $330.

  18. avatar

    Hi I’m looking at buying a 2013 Renault megane D95 would like to know what kind of power I can get out of it

  19. avatar

    Hey guys, does having a cold air intake give any additional power with the tune to the 250/265 Megane? Or is it better to leave it standard with just the tune?

  20. avatar

    I have an unmodified Renault RS 265 which I use as my daily drive and for track days. I am looking to put on a sportier exhaust which gives a better note at full throttle. What do you recommend?

  21. After the initial tuning, do you guys offer further stages to tuning an Rs265

    • avatar

      Hi Jamie,

      We offer custom tuning, so the first tune is as good as we can get it, if you add further hardware the engine to increase the power we offer re-tuning to suit those modifications at $165 per hour.

  22. avatar

    Hey do you guys do downpipes for a rs275 trophy? And can you fit a stainless steel downpipe to a titanium exhaust as the 275 has a titanium exhaust from akrapovic




  23. avatar

    Hi, I have a Megane GT220 wagon. Any tuning available? What would the output be after? Cheers Nick

    • avatar

      Hi Nick,

      Sorry for the delay of my reply. The GT220 goes from 162kw / 340nm to around 225kw / 440nm! The same as what is available from the RS265 or 275… The cost is $1195, we need the car for just the day, can offer you a Free loan car if required and every car is custom tuned on the dyno and will be returned to you with a before and after dyno graph of your car.

  24. avatar

    do you have any stores in Sydney?

  25. avatar

    Can you tune renault megane rs 265 cup 2015 model, and how big are the changes.

    • avatar

      Hi Ariel,

      The custom tune involves changing a range of parameters including fuel, spark, boost and torque management parameters, however none of these are changed significantly or in anyway compromise the reliability of the engine.

  26. avatar

    After dyno tuning, still have orginal factory warranty? My car is Megane RS

    • avatar

      Hi Jackie,

      Tuning your car does not automatically negate the warranty, you still have warranty however, in the unlikely chance of something failing and the dealer can lay blame on the upgrade then they may deny a warranty application.

  27. avatar

    Can you ecu tune a 2013 Clio IV tce 90 3 cylinder turbo??

  28. avatar

    Can this be done in Brisbane to my 265

  29. avatar

    Anything on offer for Clio RS 200 EDC?

  30. Hey Mario,

    Can you guys tune the Renault Clio IV RS EDC200

  31. avatar

    How about the rs 225 bigger intercooler onesie and exhaust what the cost for dyno tune

  32. avatar

    Do you have a tune available for the RS265 or just the 250?

    • avatar

      Hi Nick, yes we can also tune the RS265. We have seen gains of 15% in power and 20% in torque. The price would be the same as the 250 tune.

  33. avatar

    Do you have the option of adding air intake and exhaust to this tune?

    • avatar

      Hi Will,

      Yes we have fitted a Milltek exhaust to one of these before. There is also a number of different intakes we would use such as K&N. As these are sourced from overseas it’s always better to call us to get a price for these as exchange rates fluctuate.

  34. avatar

    Hi, your webpage states the rs 250 as 208kw and 410nm stock but other sources from renault webpage and news articles state its 184kw and 340nm stock. Can you confirm? Cheers

  35. avatar

    545nm seems like a big increase in torque, is the standard clutch up to the task?

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