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HPF are Australia’s largest performance vehicle workshop and have been operating in Dandenong, Victoria for over 30 years. Specialising in late model performance vehicles from Holden, Ford, Subaru, Mitsubishi and many European performance vehicles, HPF are a one stop shop for any performance upgrades.

HPF are firm believers in only offering the best quality parts and workmanship and extensively test each package both on the in house chassis dynos and on the drag strip and racetracks to ensure performance and reliability. Holding many records on the dyno and the track, HPF gives customers the confidence that their vehicle is in experienced and knowledgeable hands.


Ian Weightman had a dream of owning his own workshop for the majority of his childhood and in 1977 at the ripe age of 20, he opened Amberley Autos. Amberley Autos built a name for itself servicing cars for the Dandenong community and ran out of a few different workshops along Amberley Crescent. Seeing the benefit in chassis dynos for diagnostic purposes, Ian was one of the first people in Australia to own and operate a Dyno Dynamics Dyno. The application of dynos for performance modification and tuning became apparent very quickly and led to Amberley Autos earning a reputation for performance tuning and performance upgrades.

Fast forward a few years and you may have come across Rob Vickery at Amberley Autos. Rob was pushing the limits of street car modification with his then supercharged VS Commodore Ute and came to Amberley Autos for some tuning work. With the help of Ian and Marty at Amberley Autos Rob became the first to achieve 500rwhp at the Summernats Horsepower Heroes competition and the first to crack the magical 1000rwhp.

With these impressive feats Rob, who is a mechanic by trade, became somewhat of a guru in making big horsepower and was regularly providing advice and information to power hungry punters from around the country. With this in mind Rob and Ian recognised the opportunity for expanding the performance side of the Amberley Autos business, an agreement was made and the Horsepower Factory was born.

Today HPF is one of the most recognised brands in performance upgrades and tuning. With two chassis dynos, two buildings and 11 vehicle hoists it is also one of the largest privately owned workshops in the country.

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    Hi Rob,

    Do you have a custom tune for a 2016 (MY17) Subaru Libery 3.6R.

    Cheers John

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    Do you guys tune for better economy not just power?

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      Depends on what type of car. We tune to suit 98 octane in a lot of cases you can see better highway economy but it really depends on your driving style and your particular car.

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    Hi guys just finished an falcon xy rebuild 351c motor needs running in and tuning to get best perforance out of it. Wondering what the cost would be? Thank you for your time.

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    Hey guys,

    I’ve just bought a 2008 Mk5 Golf 2.0TDI and am beginning to have turbo issues, because of this I am planning on upgrading to a larger turbo and was wondering if this was something you may offer,


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    Hi Guys, I have bought a 2017 MBenz A45. Powerful as it is, I am wondering what can be done with a plug in type system to boost power and torque. I would want one that can be pulled out for servicing for warranty issues. Anything available? Cost if you do have something.

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      Hi Tony, Only option we offer is remapping the factory ECU which is a reversible process if required but the car would need to be returned to us to be flashed back to stock (There is no charge to flash it back to stock). Power would increases to 315Kw and 540Nm. Cost would be $1,595 Inc GST.

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    Hi Guys

    Wanting to do a ECU remap on my Triton MN 2012 with 90k on the clock.

    1. Do you guys also install EGT and boost gauge – cost for supply & Install
    2. Over boosting issues with Triton MN – is there a way or method so that the ute will not throw off codes and put the ute to limp mode when over boosting occurs. I’ve heard that this happens to the MN.
    3. Block the EGR
    4. Cost for the ECU remapping incl dyno run.

    At the moment I have installed a 3″ exhaust, Snorkel, K&N Filter, Catch Can, EGR delete module. I am having the manifold cleaned and valves cleared for the anticipation for this ECU upgrade.

    Thank you

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      Hi Bernard, Sorry we don’t offer gauge installation. We just switch the EGR off in the ECU so no need to blank it. Cost of the tune is $1195 Including GST. We wouldn’t remove the Overboost code/Limp mode as it is there as a safety measure to protect the engine. If it is tune correctly it shouldn’t overboost and go into limp mode.

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    Hi rob. Can you offer a tune/ecu re-map for a 2013 Honda accord v6?

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    Do you do any exhaust mods – i.e. such as cutting off flange and welding on a 3″ flange? or would I need to go to an exhaust place?

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    Hi Rob
    After careful reading of your website it seems obvious that the aftermarket chip path my not be the go, as is or was the direction I was heading. Have a 2011 LR Disco SDV6 which have just purchased and looking for just a bit more grunt for towing. Basic performance is really pretty good but just needs a little help down low (1000 to 2000 rpm) is this possible ?.
    Your solution sounds good but I have also been worried about Dealer overwriting the new MAP during service at some stage.
    Finally is the EGR bypass or Can a worthwhile thing to do here ?

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      Hi Ross, Custom tuning will improve the performance everywhere with probably at least a 10%+ increase in torque and power down low (Under 2000rpm). We can switch the EGR off in the software and fitting a catch can is always a good idea in a turbo diesel. It is very unlikely the dealer would flash over the tune with an update being the car is a 2011 model, however if it did happen we always keep a copy of the tune once it is completed which is stored against your rego and can simply be re-flashed while you wait at no charge. Cost for the Initial Custom dyno tune is $1,195 Inc GST and we just need the car for the day.

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    Hi guys,

    Is it possible to improve the performance of my 300zx na auto without adding aftermarket parts?



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    Hi Rob
    I have a 2015 Ford Everst 3.2 4×4

    What can be done going caravanning tow approx 2.8 ton around Aus

    Dyno tune cost + gains expected
    Other items you may recommend

    Would any of the items void new car Warranty


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      Hi Bruce, we can offer a custom ECU Remap on the dyno which will give you 30% more torque 22% more power. Nothing else is really required.
      Remapping the ECU could potentially effect your new car warranty if any failure was contributed to the modification.

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    Have a standard Auto 04 5.7L VZ SS with a twin 2.5″ catback.

    How much would a MAF tune and OTR cost and rough power gains be?

    Also, how much extra to install extractors with above mods?


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      Hi Frank, cost of OTR and custom tune would be $1495 Inc GST – Power gains would be around 10%.

      To supply & fit Difilippo 4 into 1 – 1 3/4″ extractors & high flow cats would be $2,100 Inc GST.

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    Hi, how much would a turbo back exhaust system and tune for a 07 hilux dual cab (1kd engine) and approximately how much more power and torque would it make from standard?


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    hi guys 🙂

    I have a 2009 VE SSV Ute.

    I purchased this car with a OTR Mafless Intake, full exhaust and a tune.
    I’m looking to further the power by upgrading cams and the associated parts. however I can only see packages with prices on your website with modification I already have.

    Could you please give me a rough price to have cams installed and a re-tune.

    Thank you 🙂

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    To whom it may concern
    I have a 350z 2008 and planning to make a few modification. Air intake and muffler as I want to increase horse power.
    1) what else would you suggest to increase power?
    2) can you dyno tune my car and the cost?
    3) is there a chip that controls the power in my car and if yes can it be removed or reset?
    Hope to hear from you

    Sent from my iPhone

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      Hi Ian,

      Yes we can custom dyno tune your 350Z, cost is $1195.

      We would just need the car for the day to carry out the custom tune.

      Power increase is around 15kw and 22nm of toque.

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    hey how are you going im from vsydney do you guys have a Sydney based shop or would you recomomend anyone to tune and do some upgrades when I get vthe parts hard to find a place to trust

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    Hi. Do you guys do servicing. Got a 07 Ve ss loud constant tapping I want looked at. If lifters is it worthwhile doing a mild cam. Everyday use. Cheers.

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    Hi guys do u do VASS reports?

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