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Holden VN-VT EFI 5l

HPF have a long history with the Holden V8 from a myriad of different street car configurations to Rob’s own 1000rwhp Horsepower Hero winning twin turbo VS ute. As time goes on we are finding that these engines are starting to get a little old and us such there isn’t a steady demand for upgrade packages.

As such we have made the decision to drop the proven power packages for the EFI 5l engines from our website. This is certainly not to say that we don’t work on these engines, just that each case will be custom tailored to the condition of the engine and the desired results.

Whether is be a angry aspirated stroker or a forced induction torque monster we can definitely help! Send us a message or call 03 9793 1616 to discuss your needs with us.

Kalmaker Tuning

HPF can recalibrate your factory fuel injected Holden V8 ECU using Kalmaker software. Custom dyno tuning ensures your engine package is making optimum power and efficiency across the entire rev range. We tune for cold and hot start, varying load/throttle applications and fuel type to suit its individual needs and preferences.

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