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  • Price: From $1195
  • Model Compatibility: Focus, Fiesta, Mondeo, Kuga, Escape

HPF has the ability to custom tune medium sized Ford vehicles including the turbocharged Petrol Focus XR5, ST and RS models (including the new 2.3L AWD 257kw Focus RS), the Mondeo XR5 2.5L, Escape & Kuga 2.0L Ecoboost turbo and the full range of  turbocharged Diesel engines found in the  Focus, Mondeo, Fiesta, Escape, Kuga, etc… (too many and varied to list below!!)

HPF have specialised in the performance enhancement of vehicles for over 30 years and we are able to offer a individual custom tuning solution for most European vehicles including late model ‘Imported’ Ford vehicles. By custom re-calibrating the engines ECU (Engine control unit) parameters to suit your vehicle’s individual requirements we are able to release the full potential of your car giving you a distinct performance advantage.

Unlike most of our competitors, the HPF EuroTune software is fully adjustable to suit individual modifications ensuring the ultimate tuning result and as such, each and every vehicle is custom tuned on the dyno for the most effective and safest result. Through our ever increasing commitment and knowledge of tuning, complimented by our continual investment in the latest hardware & software and training of modern engine management systems, HPF EutoTune deliver’s the ultimate tune for your vehicle maintaining reliability, providing a smoother, more responsive and powerful driving experience.

 Results @ The flywheel

Focus XR5 ‘LS’ & ‘LW’ Focus ST ‘LW’ & ‘LZ’ Focus RS ‘LV’
1 x Before dyno run
1 x Custom ‘real time’ dyno tune
1 x High Flow 725cc fuel injectors
1 x Dyno graph w/ Before & After
Fuel Type 98 High Octane 98 High Octane 98 High Octane
Before 166kw / 320nm 184kw / 360nm 224kw / 440nm
*After 197kw / 400nm 201kw / 430nm 260kw / 515nm
Price $1195 $1195 $1950
Focus RS ‘LZ’ Escape / Kuga 2.0L Mondeo XR5 ‘MA’ & ‘MB’
1 x Before dyno run
1 x Custom ‘real time’ dyno tune
1 x Dyno graph w/ Before & After
Fuel Type 98 High Octane 98 High Octane 98 High Octane
Before 257kw / 440nm 178kw / 345nm 162kw / 320nm
*After 276kw / 500nm 201kw / 420nm 197kw / 385nm
Price $1195 $1195 $1195
Mondeo 2.0L ‘MC’ Mondeo 2.0L ‘MC’ Fiesta ST ‘WZ’
1 x Before dyno run
1 x Custom ‘real time’ dyno tune
1 x Dyno graph w/ Before & After
Fuel Type 98 High Octane Diesel 98 High Octane
Before 149kw / 300nm 120kw / 340nm  134kw / 240nm
*After 201kw / 420nm 138kw / 410nm  153kw / 300nm
Price $1195 $1195 $1195

*After result based on percentage of typical power gain


*Please note: Dyno Graph figures are based on power & torque at the wheels.

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

14 Comments please add yours...

  1. avatar

    hi guys I have a 2008 Mondeo XR5 and with only 70.000ks on the clock I had a major engine failure due to some seriously bad servicing mistakes. (ill never use that mechanic again)

    The engine is due to come out shortly and go for a hefty rebuild with full forged internals cams bigger turbo fuel system and so on.

    my question is that the Mondeo xr5 runs a different ECU’ to the Focus XR5 and RS so non of the main stream ECU’s are compatible.
    so I’m aiming for 450 FWHP+ but cannot find a tuner or ECU.

    the build specs will match and some to multiple cars tuned at 600-700hp in Europe can you help me attain the figures I’m looking for.

    Regards Liam Wright

    • avatar

      Hi Liam, our intitial response is that we feel we may be able to access the original ECU for tuning but can’t be certain until we see the physical unit and plug into it.

  2. avatar

    Hi there, do you have any experience tuning the 1.0t fiesta… Owners in the UK are claiming 180hp and I’m wondering if those numbers are reasonable with tune and supporting mods

    • avatar

      Hi Michael, all we offer for the 1.0T Fiesta is tuning which increases power and torque to approx 145hp and 240Nm cost is $1195 Inc GST and we would need the car for the day.

  3. avatar


    I have a 2016 Falcon Ecoboost. Can you guys do anything with it? What sort of gains would I expect and how much?

    Cheers, James

  4. avatar

    i have a 2016 mondeo titanium hatch with 2.o ltr petrol engine 177kws 340nm what sort of gains could i expect from one of your ecu remappings and would there be any gains or losses in fuel useage also as my car is still under factory warrenty would this be effected by what you do to the car ie void the warrenty.

    • avatar

      HI Tony, Yes we can tune it, power and Torque increase by approx 25kw and 80Nm. Fuel usage should be the same under normal driving but will increase when you put your foot down as more power uses more fuel. Remapping the ECU can definitely effect your warranty if a warrant-able failure is contributed back to the remap.

  5. avatar

    Hi There,

    I have an MC Mondeo Ecoboost. The gains you mention look pretty substantial!

    Do you have any reservations about how the rest of the driveline (esp the dual clutch gearbox) would handle that level of power increase?

    I assume this is an ECU remap only? Would you recommend any hardware updates at the same time?

    Do you have any dyno graphs for this upgrade? I’m interested mainly in low to mid RPM drivability.


  6. avatar

    Hello, I have a 2010 Ford Focus XR5 Turbo LV MKII.

    I was wondering if you guy’s do tuning as well as performance upgrade e.g Exhaust IC upgrade to an RS turbo etc


    • avatar

      Hi Jarred, I assume you mean the current Focus RS? If so we don’t currently offer any packages for them however there is a lot of the parts available for them now so we may consider doing something in the near future.

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