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  • Price: From $990
  • Model Compatibility: Cruze Turbo, Astra Turbo, Insignia VXR, Captiva

HPF has the ability to custom tune medium sized Holden vehicles including the turbocharged 1.4iti & 1.6iti Petrol Cruze, the turbocharged Astra SRI &  VXR, Insignia VXR and the full range of turbo diesel vehicles including the Cruze, Captiva, Malibu, & Epica – 2.0L & 2.2L (too many and varied to list below!!)

HPF have specialised in the performance enhancement of vehicles for over 30 years and we are able to offer a individual custom tuning solution for most European vehicles including late model ‘Imported’ Holden vehicles. By custom re-calibrating the engines ECU (Engine control unit) parameters to suit your vehicle’s individual requirements we are able to release the full potential of your car giving you a distinct performance advantage.

Unlike most of our competitors, the HPF EuroTune software is fully adjustable to suit individual modifications ensuring the ultimate tuning result and as such, each and every vehicle is custom tuned on the dyno for the most effective and safest result. Through our ever increasing commitment and knowledge of tuning, complimented by our continual investment in the latest hardware & software and training of modern engine management systems, HPF EutoTune deliver’s the ultimate tune for your vehicle maintaining reliability, providing a smoother, more responsive and powerful driving experience.

 Results @ The flywheel

Cruze 1.4ltr iTi Cruze 1.6ltr iTi Cruze 2.0ltr VCDi
1 x Before dyno run
1 x Custom ‘real time’ dyno tune
1 x Dyno graph w/ Before & After
Fuel Type 98 High Octane 98 High Octane Diesel
Before 103kw / 200nm 132kw / 230nm 120kw / 360nm
*After 120kw / 260nm 168kw / 325nm 143kw / 445nm
Price $990 $990 $990
Astra ‘H’ VXR Astra AH SRI Astra ‘J’ VXR
1 x Before dyno run
1 x Custom ‘real time’ dyno tune
1 x Dyno graph w/ Before & After
Fuel Type 98 High Octane 98 High Octane 98 High Octane
Before 177kw / 320nm 147kw / 262nm 206kw / 400nm
*After 205kw / 400nm 179kw / 360nm 231kw / 450nm
Price $1195 $1195 $1195
Insignia VXR 2.8L Captiva 2.0L Captiva 2.2L
1 x Before dyno run
1 x Custom ‘real time’ dyno tune
1 x Dyno graph w/ Before & After
Fuel Type 98 High Octane Diesel Diesel
Before 239kw / 435nm 110kw / 320nm  135kw / 400nm
*After 268kw / 530nm 138kw / 400nm  159kw / 480nm
Price $1195 $1195 $1195

*After result based on percentage of typical power gain


*Please note: Dyno Graph figures are based on power & torque at the wheels.

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

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  1. avatar


    Do you guys tune the BK Astra, specifically the RSV?

    • avatar

      Hi Mat, yes we can. You would see an increase of about 15kW but more importantly 40Nm of torque!

      • avatar

        Hi Mario,

        I have some questions on this:

        1. is it tuned to 95 or 98 only?
        2. How does it affect the fuel economy?
        3. How does it affect the ‘sport’ function i.e. throttle/steering response?
        4. What is the price?
        5. Do you have anyone in Adelaide that can do it?


        • avatar

          We tune to suit 98 Octane. You may get better economy when cruising but it all depends on how you drive the car. It will not effect the sport function. $1,195 is the price for the tune. We are only based in Melbourne.

  2. avatar

    Hey Mario I had my 1.6 cruz flash tuned , a blow off valve fitted and a 2 half inch stainless steel exhaust fitted by you guys.
    You got me just over 137Kw at the wheels witch I’m happy with.
    My question is what can I do now to get more power out of it. I would be happy with around 200Kw at the wheels is this possible, and can you guys help me get this

    • avatar

      Hi, Sorry we don’t offer any additional upgrades for the Cruze 1.6lt but to make that sort of power you would have to look at doing a turbo upgrade, Intercooler, injectors, fuel pump etc etc.

  3. avatar

    Hi im very interested in this upgrade for my sri v cruze 1.6lt but am in sydney can you recommend anyone ? Any help would be good i have found 1 place nut the tune is only giving an extra 20kw your dyno reads look better after your tunes

  4. avatar

    Hi, Do you guys have a shop in Sydney/ nsw?

  5. avatar

    Hi Rob, looking to buy a 2016 either the Insignia or the astra gtc turbo. it has a 1.6l turbo with 125kw/250Nm. is this something you can tune up? the manual comes with 147/280! but i need the automatic

  6. avatar

    How much do i need for all the engine upgrades on a 2012 sri v

  7. avatar

    GT25 turbo upgrade available for sriv 2012 and how much? Thanks

  8. Have you a turbo upgrade for the 1.6 yet?

  9. avatar

    Hi guys I’ve got an 2009 cruze diesel manual I’ve had since new its done 11500 k id like to give it a tune up, without adding extra chips etc
    im in SA where are you guys?
    what sort of gain are you guys getting from tunes and what sort of fuel figures ?
    whats the current cost of tune up?

  10. avatar

    Can you guys do this for a 2009 Holden Cruze 2.0 diesel

  11. avatar

    Can you still use 95 Octane, or do you need to use 98?

  12. avatar

    Is it worth installing an electronic throttle controller or will a tune take care of that? I have read some articles that tout them better than tuning.

  13. avatar

    Hi there, I have a 2012 sriv manual. Would it be advisable to install an x-force exhaust before a tune or will it not make a difference? Thanks.

  14. Hey guys do you do an ECU reflash for a 2012 Cruze 1.4L CD model? And the results will still be the 103-120kW power increase? Cheers

  15. avatar

    Hi guys, what are the 0-100 times you are getting for the Cruze 2.0 TD?

  16. avatar

    hi i was wondering if it is possible to add a turbo or a supercharger on a holden cruze 1.8l or any type of power upgrade as the car right now is really under powered and is really noticeable when driving on a hot day in the mountains…

  17. avatar

    I highly recommend this tune for any Cruze owner wanting a bit more get up and go. Thanks again HP-F you exceeded the expectations I had by far.

  18. avatar

    Do i need bring my car to shop? Or use teamviewer to remote computer?

  19. avatar

    Hi Matt,

    Just wanted to say big thank you to all those at HPF that worked on my car, runs so much better.

    Took my mum for a spin and was requested to stop because was making her sick 🙂 The difference is definitely felt.

    Even using the trip tronic mode has so much more response, the lag is almost non existent anymore.

    Will recommend in future.
    Thanks again

  20. Do you need exhaust modified to gain the 160 kw on the 1.6 turbo

  21. avatar

    Hi guys, you got a performance upgrade package available? Turbo, exhaust, manifolds, injectors etc? Keen to give my 1.6t sriv as much grunt as possible

    • avatar

      Hi Nasha,

      We do have a GT25 turbo upgrade available which includes Turbo, manifold, injectors exhaust, piping etc.

      Power would be around 180Kw and 325nm of torque.

      Cost of the kit would be $7500 drive in drive out.

  22. avatar

    G’day all, just wanted to say that my 2014 6 Spd SRI 1.6T. is getting its most wanted tune after all. I cant wait to get it back.

  23. avatar

    Hi guys

    Could you do this flash tune on a Barina RS that has the 1.4lt turbo motor?

    • avatar

      Hi Jackson,

      Not sure, we can obviously tune the Cruze with the same engine and you can take those figures as being pretty reliable as for what may be achievable with your Barina RS but id like to get the car here and check the ECU to confirm.

  24. avatar

    Hi is there anyway like the fords I can take the tune off and put back on the cruze with a scart or something

  25. hi Mario,love your development for the cruze,listern im after installing turbo upgrade from you/tune,will this setup give 180kw like walkinshaw,what fugures with the upgrade,thanks very interested

  26. just wondering if there is a turbo bolt on upgrade for the 1.4iti cruze

    • avatar

      Hi Daniel, Yes we can do an upgrade for you that includes upgrade turbo, injectors, manifolds, intake, dump pipe and all testing and tuning for $7,700. If you would like more info, please give us a call.

  27. avatar

    Hi all,

    I’ve just had this tune completed on my wife’s 2014 6spd SRI Z 1.6T. It’s nicer to drive with better take off, throttle response and more linear accelelration. But it’s when you keep the pedal in the carpet that you really feel the difference.
    Great job guy’s and it was a pleasure dealing with everyone at HP-F.

  28. Hi , would this tune on the 1.4 turbo reduces the lag on the auto transmission? Also I read somewhere else some tuner adding an sport mode to the transmission!! How would you recommend this tune against economy vs power…? And the turbo lifetime Would it get affected?



    • avatar

      Hi Krish,

      We definitely make more power right from the very start so ‘lag’ may be improved. This upgrade is more for performance than anything else and I have not had any reports on how much better then economy is after the tune sorry. The turbo is going to work a bit harder so you could argue that it may not quite last as long but having said that we only increase the boost a mild amount, and that amount should not really effect its longevity.

  29. avatar

    Hey there. Just wondering whether you know of someone that you would recommend for tuning the 1.6iti in sydney??? And also, do you guys do an induction kit for this aswell???

  30. avatar


    Will this tune remain if Holden does a software update during a service?


  31. avatar

    does the tuning void the factory warranty?

    • avatar

      The short answer is no, the long answer is, it could. Basically just because the car has been tuned does not automatically deem the car’s warranty void.

  32. avatar

    Hi I’m in Adelaide. Can the flash be bought and a dealer or shop install here

    • avatar

      Hi Trent,

      Thank you for your interest. As the tune is a custom dyno tune that we have developed I’m afraid it can only be done at our workshop. But it’s well worth the trip to sunny Melbourne!

  33. avatar

    Hi do you guy or anyone you know work in perth

  34. avatar

    Hey, I’m looking at getting this tune done but I’m in Brisbane. Are there any shops up here that can do this for me?

  35. avatar

    Do you have a tune file for the 2.0lt diesel engine?

    • avatar

      Hi Gavin,

      Yes we do have a tune for the 2.0 turbo diesel. We have seen figures of 15-20% increase in power and torque. They are noticeably better to drive after the tune.

  36. Are there plans to develop a flash tune for the 1.6 iTi turbo? Thanks

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