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EUROTUNE Compatible Models

  • Price: FROM $1,195
  • Model Compatibility: Contact us or download full list: HPF Euro-Tune

HPF can now re-calibrate your factory fuel injected or Diesel European vehicle. Cars like the VW Golf GTI, BMW 335i and the Audi RS4, to vehicles like Mercedes Vito van and Landrover Discovery 4 can all benefit from custom dyno tuning and in most cases the cars are truly transformed. Custom dyno tuning ensures your engine package is making optimum power and efficiency across the entire rev range. We tune for cold and hot start, varying load/throttle applications and fuel type to suit its individual needs and preferences.

Package Includes

  • 1 x ECU reprogram
  • 1 x Before and after dyno graph
  • 1 x All labour to tune and test

Compatible Models

Audi RS, BMW M, Ford RS, XR5 & ST, Renault RS & GT, Porsche, Mercedes Benz AMG, Volkswagen GTI & Golf R, Opel GTC & OPC, Volvo S, Mini JCW, Peugeot GTi, Hyundai Veloster Turbo, Skoda RS……. and many more.

Download a full list of vehicles here: HPF Euro-Tune


Costs and power output vary depending on model and application. Contact us for more information.

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

135 Comments please add yours...

  1. avatar

    I’ve got a 2013 volvo t5 R-design with the 2.5l 5 cylinder turbo engine what gains can I expect

  2. avatar

    Hi i have a c200 2017 mercedes petrol. I need to ttune it for extra kws what sort of package do you have for this type.
    ( as long is safe tune)
    Thank you

  3. avatar

    Skoda Kodiaq 132TSI
    I assume its the same as a Tiguan?
    Any info on them?

    • avatar

      Hi Mike, Yes they come up well picking up around 60Kw and 80Nm of torque. Cost is $1,195 Inc GST and we would need the car just for the day.

  4. avatar

    Hiya, is it possible you can tune my 2010 Peugeot 207 CC 1.6 Petrol Auto? What gains can I expect?

    • avatar

      Hi Simon, we can tune it but being a naturally aspirated engine the gains are modest around 12Kw and 20Nm of torque. Cost would be $1,195 Inc GST

  5. avatar

    Can you tune a 2003 Mercedes AMG C32?

    If so what is the kw/nm increase, and the cost please?


  6. avatar

    Hi guys – is the newly released Hyundai Kona running the same or similar 1.6 turbo as the Veloster, and if so what kind of gains would you anticipate from tuning?

  7. avatar

    Gday daniel here with a 2013 Opel opc …206kw 400nm
    Just want to know what can be done with that … I’ve removed the highly restrictive rear muffler and has a 3 inch single straight thru muffler by retaining standard cats … and car is definitely much quicker … especially in opc mode at higher rpm and throttle response is better … Anyway can u tune it and what would we expect … cheers

  8. avatar

    Hi HP/F, I have a 2013 Mini JCW Paceman. From my research I have the ever-popular 1.6l Prince motor. Firstly, is this true? Secondly, if it is, Peugeot get 200kw/330nm out of this motor, I’m currently stock with 160kw/280nm. Can I unlock the power of the 1.6l motor of the Peugeot or are they too different? Thank you!

    • avatar

      Hi Graham, Yes we can tune it and power increase is a modest 10kw due to turbo size but it does pick up an impressive 80Nm of torque through he mid range. Cost for a re-map is $1,495 Inc GST

      • avatar

        Hi rob i have a new vw alltrack in diesel 135kw motor do you offer a tune for it yet?
        If so how much increase are we looking at and will it be ok with the new 7 speed dsg the dq381 its the hi torque box rated to 420nm but vw are conservative so i think it would handle more ok

  9. avatar

    How much gain for a Mercedes CLK63 AMG A209? What would be the cost? Thank you.

  10. avatar

    Hi Guys,

    Looking through the list of vehicles I can’t find the Mercedes GLE 500 V8 anywhere. Are you able to offer a re-tune, and if so, what sort of figures do you expect?


  11. avatar


    I’ve got a Lexus IS F with an intake and cat-back exhaust. I was wondering if tuning it was possible and what sort of numbers I’d be looking at.


    • avatar

      Hi Tony, yes we can custom tune it but being naturally aspirated their isnt much in them, on the assumption you are running 98 octane fuel power and torque would increase would be around 10Kw and 20Nm and cost would be $1195 Inc GST.

  12. avatar


    I have a 2016 Renault Clio RS 200 EDC and was just wondering the cost for a tune. Also, if you could let me know the power gains in kw and nm that would be great.

    Kind regards,

  13. avatar

    Hi i was wondering if you tune the ml63 bi turbo engine? The car has custom downpipes and mufflers and the amg performance pack. If so what price would I be looking at and what power figures. Thanks

    • avatar

      We maybe able to but would need more info on the car including year and month of manufacture. Cost would be $1595 Inc Power an torque would increase to 462Kw and 900nm.

  14. avatar

    hi, ive got a mini jcw r56, im looking for a custom tune. i believe my car has a torque limiter coded in for 1st and 2nd gear. would it be possible to delete that setting when tuning the car?

  15. avatar

    Hi, just wondering if you can make any significant HP gains with a Hilux GGN25 4.0L V6?

  16. avatar

    Would you be able to tune an Abarth 500 with modifications 100 cell cat, turbo actuator and cai? Are they fully custom or more generic?

  17. avatar

    Have a 2008 Volvo V70 T6 3lt what can you do for me in terms of extra power and better economy ?

  18. Hi HPF,

    i’ve just bought a Mercedes Vito 115CDI Auto – just wondering what indicative results you see with these, if you’ve tuned them before?


  19. Hey guys, just enquiring about a flash tune for a 2007 Astra VXR. Just wondering what type of gains I would expect to see (at the wheels)? And a price? Cheers

  20. avatar


    Wondering if there’s tuning for a 2015 Renault Megane GT-line
    Has a 1200cc petrol TCE 130


  21. avatar

    Hi there,

    Do you have plans to add any more Mercedes petrol models to your tuning list?

    I have a C200 CGI (W204, 1.8 litre turbo) and was looking at tuning options

  22. avatar

    Hi I have a Mercedes c220 bluefiicency 2010 2.0 , I was wondering how much horsepower it has. If anyone can help I would be really grateful.

    Thank you

  23. avatar

    Hello how are you?
    I’ve been referred by a friend for my exhaust question

    I have a Mercedes 2008 w211 e63 sedan, with the standard exhaust system which is very nice but just needs that little more burble.
    Based on other owners, the ones that don’t want to change the standard Amg system they usually get the resonator deleted which gives it the same sound but deeper burble sound as the c63

    I have attached a video which clearly demonstrates the standard form and the resonator delete and in how they do it.
    Could you please watch it
    I have been told for 3 inch stainless steel pipes .
    Also I have read up instead of straight through some get a x type exhaust as standard one is a h type
    Or whether to have it as straight through. The setup that wont hurt any low end power.
    All other mufflers I want to keep.

    Based on this information and video what setup in the resonator delete do you think for you to go and do of my car


    • avatar

      Hi Andrew, If you can fit an X pipe I beleive that would be better but I would recommend you talk with an exhaust shop as we have never carried out that particular modification and it is not something we would do.

  24. avatar

    what gains can we get from a w211 e63 sedan with a ecu tune?
    power at rear wheels and if its really worth it for a small gains?
    what other gains will it get if any?/

  25. avatar

    Hey guys,
    Is it possible to tune a 2009 Merc-Benz C220 CDI, with the 2.2 Turbo Diesel engine? Stock outputs are 125kw and 400nm, any idea what the gains might be? Thanks!

  26. avatar

    Hi Guys, I have a 2015 Hyundai Veloster Turbo was wondering what an ECU tune would cost and what would the estimated gains be, also are there any other mods i.e. exhaust, intake etc that you might recommend. Thanks in advance

  27. avatar

    Hi Hp-F,

    I have a 2016 Focus ST, can you please advise what power gains are achievable with a tune and cost?


  28. avatar

    Hey guys,

    Can you tuneed the 2015 Renault Clio RS cup? And rough idea on increase. Has the 147kw engine.
    & is there any packages available for these?

    • avatar

      Hi Jake, Yes we can tune it and power is 22Kw and 80Nm of torque. Cost is $1,195 Inc GST. We don’t offer any other upgrades but to be honest their isn’t is little to no power to be gained by upgrading the exhaust or Intake.

  29. avatar

    Have you guys done a Peugeot 4007 HDI 2.2 auto and possible expected results


  30. avatar

    Hi what is the cost and performance gains kw /Nm for a mercedes clk350 2006 and a mercedes cl500 2002?

  31. avatar

    Do you have a package for a Holden Insignia VXR.
    It has a 2.8L V6 with twin scroll turbo



  32. avatar

    Hi guys,

    Have you tuned many XR5 turbos? What sort of results to do typically see?


  33. avatar

    Hi, have you guys done any abarth 500 turbo’s? If so, what gains did you see and what is the remap cost?

  34. avatar

    Looking for a Custom remap for my Stage 3 Astra VXR. Currently running TMS FMIC, Milltek Turbo back exhaust and Quaife LSD. Current map is from Bluefin and is their Stage 3 map. What increases can I expect with an HP-F tune? I currently have no dyno figures for mine available

    • avatar

      Hi Chris, Sorry I have no idea how good or bad the bluefin Stage 3 tune is and therefore can’t give you any indication what to expect from a HPF custom tune. I would recommend you start with a Dyno power run and report which costs $165Inc GST, after we have completed that we could give you an indication of any potential gains.

  35. avatar

    Hi Rob/Mario
    I was wondering what could be done to get some more KW out of my current model Opel (Astra) VXR hatch. How much improvement do you think it would make and any contacts here in Brisbane you would recommend to perform the work.
    Thanks in advance

  36. avatar

    What sort of number increase can I expect to see for a 2008 C320 CDI Merc. is the rest of the drive line tough enough?

    • avatar

      Hi Leigh, Power increase would be around 35Kw and 90Nm of torque. assuming the car is in good condition and properly maintained I believe the driveline will handle the increase ok.

  37. avatar

    I’ve got an amg c63 2011 with performance pack and long headers xforce. What would a custom tune cost?

  38. avatar

    What kind of hp increase and torque increase have you gotten from a 2003 Renault Clio sport 172?

  39. avatar

    Hi guys, what kind of figures are we looking at for the new 140kw 2.0 TDI Passat? Is there a particular emphasis on power over torque given there’s already 400nm through the front wheels?


  40. avatar


    What will the figures be for a 125i ECU tune, KW ATW & torque also the 0 – 100
    How would this be any better than the ECU tune that BMR Autowerkes offers to do yourself and get a 24kw gain ATW making the total 151.1 kW ATW. The flywheel figures are 190kw.

    Thank you.

    • avatar

      Hi Hasib, All our tuning is custom and carried out on dyno and specific to the vehicle power increase would typically increase to 210Kw and 340nm we don’t have any spec on 0-100.

  41. avatar

    Hi. I see that the Peugeot 307 xse 2.0 petrol 16v is in your list. Could you please tell me the approx power gain & cost?


  42. avatar

    Hi, is there a tune for a 1999 volvo s40 t4.

  43. avatar

    Hi,unfortunately I don’t live in the Melbourne area, would you guy’s have any recommendations for a company around the Gold Coast that could tune my 2014 Renault Clio RS200?

  44. avatar

    Hi. Was wondering whether you can do a tune on a 2007 Peugeot 307 HDi 2.0 100kw and what can I expect. Thanks

    • avatar

      Hi Doug,

      Sorry for the delay of my reply. The 307 HDI goes from 100kw to 124kw and 320nm to 380nm. The price is $1195 and we need the car for the day.

  45. avatar


    i have a 2010 mini john cooper works 1.6 turbo. the standard output is 155kw i was wondering what kind of power it would make after a tune from you guys and a k&n filter.


    • avatar


      We can take the power from 155kw to around 172kw and the torque from 270nm to around 340nm. The cost is $1195 and we would need the car for just one day.

  46. avatar

    Hi HP-F, is an ECU retune available for a Mercedes W164 ML350 petrol model? Thanks.

    • avatar

      Hi Mo,

      We can tune your ML350 petrol, you can expect to see the power go from 200kw / 350nm to around 210kw and 365nm. The price is $1195 and we would need the car for one full day.

  47. avatar

    Hi guys, I’m shopping for my next car and was wondering if you can fiddle a Volvo S40 T5? Thanks for taking the time to answer.

    • avatar

      Hi Neil,

      We can take the standard power from 169kw / 320nm to around 195kw / 380nm, the cost is $1195 and we need the car for just the day.

  48. avatar

    hi, do you have a tune for a 2015 ford focus s 2 litre?

  49. avatar

    Team HP-f,

    I have a MY14 Kia proceed GT 1.6T that im thinking of tuning. It practically runs the same Power train as the hyundai veloster turbo and was wondering if you’ve tuned any. If so what are we looking at in terms of gains and cost?


    • avatar


      We can tune your Kia Ceed GT, whilst we have not tuned the Kia we have tuned the Turbo Veloster. The standard power is 150kw / 265nm, we can get that up to 172kw / 320nm! The price is $1195 and we need the car for just the day.

  50. hey , how r u.?
    im just looking to tune my octavia 103kw , is that possible to tune , how much kw will it gain after tuning and how much it cost . its skoda octavia 2014 amb plus.

  51. Hi there,

    One year ago you have tuned my Subaru Forester+Invidia exhaust, all the way.
    Love it every minute of driving it,…, goose bumps on every drive.

    For work I am driving a Merc Vito, CDI 109, 2006, manual( I think that it is a W639, which is not on your list of possible mods.)
    Any chance to do something to improve the performance , even it is not on your list?What sort of power gain I am looking for?

    • avatar

      Hi Sorin,

      We can tune your 109 Vito and they comes up fantastic! The standard power is 65kw and 220nm, we can get that up to 108kw and 330nm! This will pretty much transform the car. You can expect to save some money on fuel too. The cost is $1195 and we need the car for just the day. We have loan cars available also.

  52. avatar

    Hi, i have a stock standard Peugeot ’07 207 GT 150thp

    Just wondering if you do ecu remaps on this and what sought of gains would be expected.

    Cheers, Rohan

    • avatar

      Hi Rohan,

      We can re-tune the 207GT, you can expect to increase the horsepower from 150hp to 190hp (112kw -> 142kw) and torque from 240nm to 300nm! So a pretty decent gain can be had, the cost is $1195 and we need the car for just the day.

  53. avatar

    Daryl here..Have a 2008 C200 Merc Kompressor..Think an upgrade would be beneficial for this model.?..thanks

    • avatar

      Hi Daryl,

      We can definitely tune the C200 Kompressor but i do not have any specs on what is achievable sorry. The cost is $1195 and we would need the car for just one day.

  54. avatar

    hi im wondering if you guys do any sort of work on lexus i have a IS200 1999
    what I am looking at in just a ECU upgrade and tune

  55. avatar

    Hi guys..
    Any tunes available for a Merc c250 cdi?
    Hoping for some good gains from the 2.1 twin T diesel..?

    • avatar

      Hi Jet,

      Yes mate, they come up well. You can expect to increase the power from 150kw to 180kw and the torque from 500nm to 550nm. Price is $1195 and we need the car for just the day.

  56. avatar

    Hi. just wondering if you guys tune 2012 subaru liberty gt, and what is the maximum power can you get from it

    • avatar

      Hi Tim,

      Yes mate we can tune the 2012 Liberty GT, typically they pick up around 25-30kw at the wheels down low / mid range and around 10-15kw at the wheels in the top end. Cost is $795 and we need the car for just one day.

  57. avatar

    Hi, is there a tune for the BMW 120i E87?

    • avatar

      Hi Bob,

      Yes we can, as the car is a naturally aspirated engine it is wise to not expect too much however the vehicle is offered in other country’s with a higher state of tune so we could reasonably expect to gain around 15-20kw at the flywheel.

  58. avatar

    hi. wondering what power upgrade is possible (if any) for a 2001 alfa gtv v6, inc. installation price and resultant kw increase. thanks

    • avatar

      Hi Peter,

      Unfortunately we do not offer a tune for this particular model. I would imagine gains from a tune to not be significant due to the fact the car is N/A

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