Thursday 8th September 2011 Rob

2011 Holden Cruze HPFlash tuning results!


The new 2011 Cruze sports variants are powered by a new 1.4-litre intelligent turbo induction (1.4 iTi) engine, which produces 103kW of power and 200Nm of torque which is actually less power(1kw) than the entry-level CD and CDX…

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Friday 2nd September 2011 Rob



 Rob’s Blog

It Saturday night and you’ve just finished your latest project so you head out to show it off to the world. It’s a slammen VR Commodore with a surprise under the hood. There’s no fitty cent pumping though the subs, you’re more than content listening to the sweet dulcet tones of the new V8 under the bonnet and every now and then you just have to give the throttle a dab to re-assure yourself its still there.

As you pull into the Maccas car park, all your mates are hollering and quickly surround the car to see what you have been up for the last month. You pull up and one of them is already pointing at the bonnet and gesturing in an upwards motion, you pull the latch, walk around and slowly unveil the “piece to resistance”. They all stand there staring in amazement at the spank’n new L98 6.0lt sitting in the engine bay as if it was always meant to be… Then the questions start flying, how did you do it? Was it hard? You must be a friggin engineering genius?..You smile, nod and soak it all in. Then THE question gets dropped, why go to all that work wouldn’t it be easier or cheaper to just build a bitchen 355ci ….

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Tuesday 2nd August 2011 Kyle

E85 Fuel – OzGarage S2 Episode 6

For those interested in E85 and Ethanol blended fuels in performance applications this episode from Season 2 of Oz Garage will be of interest. See every episode from Oz Garage Season 1 and 2 at www.ozgarage.com.au. Read more…

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