Thursday 17th March 2011 Kyle

Bathurst 2004 A9XTorana vs VYSS vs V8Supercar shootout

For the Holden / Brock / V8SC fans out there….

Tuesday 15th March 2011 Kyle

Steinbauer Diesel Tuning Video

HPF along with Steinbauer Tuning Technologies have put together exhaust and tune packages for late model EFI diesel vehicles which typically offer a 20%+ increase in power as well as a 20%+ increase in torque. On top of the performance increase reports are that fuel economy can improve by as much as 10%. So with new diesel technology you really can have your cake and eat it too!

Click here to check out our diesel performance packages.

Saturday 12th March 2011 Rob

From the Vault – The great Dyno mass debate

Street Commodores 5/3/2009

Dynamometer, rolling road, the pump! There are many names for what people know as a dyno, just as there are many questions about the figures they produce. I have written before about dyno’s , their history and uses, however it is becoming increasingly frustrating dealing with the misinformation and fiction of the dyno figures that are bandied around on internet forums or when talking to customers that have been quoted figures by their mates or other workshops. Read more…

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