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WP Ceramic Coated Headers with matching Catalytic Converters

WP Tuned length 4 into 1 Headers & Cats

  • Flywheel Power: Up to 5%
  • Price: $2,085 or Optional Ceramic Coated $2,595
  • Model Compatibility: VE / VF / HSV Sedan, Wagon, Ute

The Walkinshaw Performance Headers are made from high quality stainless steel and are tuned length 4 into 1 design that are complimented by dual 3″ high flow metal cats for maximum performance and efficiency, optimising the power and torque in your VE & VF Commodore or HSV.

The price includes:

  • 1 x Set of WP 4 into 1 tuned length headers & Dual 3″ high flow Catalytic Converters.
  • 1 x Installation by a trained WP technician to ensure peace of mind with your investment.



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    Hi there, I notice you don’t use tri-y for your headers, will the tuned length you have on here effect low end torque for an LS3 VF II? cheers

  2. avatar

    Will these bolt up to a harrop pro extreem 3inch catback on a vf GTS

  3. avatar

    Hi. Will WP headers and cats fit to Xforce 3″ cat back? thanks.

    • avatar

      Hi Sean, No unfortunately WP headers won’t bolt up to an X-Force Catback as the catalytic converters and flanges are in a different position than the Xforce setup..

  4. avatar

    Hi how much does a tune cost if I was to install headers and cat to my ve senator 2011 e3 already has 3″ cat back …

  5. avatar

    When upgrading exhaust is fuel efficiency increased? Thanks in advance

  6. why do you go from 3.00″ down to 2.5″ on your 3.00″ system

  7. avatar

    Hi I have ve senator 2011 e3 I have cat back walkinshaw already fitted… Looking to upgrade the headers and cats , what performance gain would I have ???

    • avatar

      Hello Hakan,

      As long as your cat back is the latest dual active stepped 3″ – 2.5″ system then we can fit the headers. You could expect a gain of between 10-15 kw however it is throttle response that you will actually notice being significantly improved.

  8. avatar

    Hi Guys,
    I purchased a VF wagon (auto) with a walkinshaw power pack already fitted to it, cat back & Otr. Would getting the 4 into 1 headers/ cats make much of a noticeable difference to the exhaust note? I’m guessing the current tune may have to be tweaked to suit?
    Cheers Matt.

    • avatar

      Hi Matt, we could add headers to give you great sound with more volume AND another 20kw at the wheel. If you are interested you may want to step up to our special edition W310 package with ceramic coated headers and high flow cats. You would have to change the OTR to a side mounted cold air intake however which won’t affect the power greatly. To upgrade to the W310 would be around $4,000

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    Hi do you only sell ve headers and how much ? Thanks

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      The headers that we sell will fit both the VE or VF and come in stainless steel or ceramic coated stainless steel versions. They also come complete with high flow catalytic converters.

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    hi I have gen f sv enhanced clubsport what exhaust system would best compliment it sound wise


    • avatar

      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for your question. The Walkinshaw exhaust system certainly brings out the true V8 sound. We offer the system as either cat back, as part of a power pack or a full system such as contained within the W375 and W497 packages that would suit your car.

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    I have a stock vz Monaro wat exhaust u recommend. I drove a gto with a walky power pack sounded awsum. Can I get similar sound out of vz coupe Only has a growler rest is stock

    • avatar

      Hi Mat,

      Unfortunately Walkinshaw doesn’t have a system for the VZ Monaro available however we can supply you with a Difilippo exhaust which will give you the sound you’re after. A 3″ cat back system would be $2,420 fitted. You can also look at fitting a full exhaust and tune to suit. Give us a call and we can work out the right package to suit you.

  12. avatar

    Hi Rob
    Cost of full sports system fitted to 09 maloo
    Will it need tune after this system fitted price for the supply ,fitting and tune
    Thanks Wayne

    • avatar

      Hi Wayne, depending on brand you would be looking at around $2,000 – $2,200 for headers and cats and a tune is suggested as you will have engine fault codes. A tune is $990

  13. avatar

    What size diameter are the WP tuned length headers and how much for the ceramic coated & cats supply only.

  14. avatar

    This is an v8 only set up I’m guessing?

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    Hey, do walkinshaw exhaust systems put out the same power figures (roughly) compared to a system like Xforce etc? Also would you recommend a 3inch or 2 1/2inch? Cheers Kris

  16. avatar

    Hey rob will theses fit Vz L98?

  17. avatar

    I have a VE SS S2 with an force 3″ s/steel cat-back exhaust system but I need a better V8 note when idle and need the V8 sound when taking off etc what can you do to assist. Ray

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    hi i have a 2011 hsv senator auto was interested in installing wp sports headers… what kind of performance and engine note would my car have ? no engine mods as yet..

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