Performance brake upgrade

Install Time: 1 day
Model Compatibility: Holden Commodore, VT - VZ, including HSV variants.


Performance Kit | Holden VT - VZ

The Performance kit provides great value for money performance over the original equipment brake package. The rotors are larger in diameter and significantly thicker in cross section compared to the OE rotor dimensions.

The latest production technology has been used on the 2 piece calipers to significantly reduce brake fade under most driving conditions. The front & rear brake load ratio has been engineered into the production of these rotors to maintain the standard brake balance of the vehicle, offering improved brake feel and driving confidence

The "Performance" kit provides the most economical platform for on road confidence, improved brake feel and most importantly, vehicle and passenger safety. Designed, tested and certified to conform to Australian Design Rule ADR31/01.

Package Includes

2 x 343x32mm 1 piece 12-slot Front disc rotors
2 x 343x28mm 1 piece 12-slot Rear disc rotors
2 x Front Caliper mounts
2 x Rear Caliper mounts
1 x Set of bolts, washers and mounting hardware.
2 x 4 Piston front Caliper (red)
2 x 4 Piston rear Caliper (red)
2 x Set of front & rear brake pads

Key Features

Why do I need to Upgrade?

If you have fitted a wheel/tyre package that has an effective diameter greater than standard, the brake effectiveness is reduced, the force required on the rotor to slow the car increases by approximately 8% per 50 mm increase in effective tyre diameter. This means the driver needs to push harder on the pedal to stop, and results in increased rotor and pad wear.

ABS, ESC/DSC or EBD can't help you under brake fade conditions, the OEM brake systems are designed exclusively for road use and tested to comply with ADR 31/01*

If you use your car for any track work, you'll be driving at much higher speeds with much less recovery time and braking many more times than the ADR test. The OEM brake system just isn't required or designed to cope with this.

If your vehicle has increased power and torque due to other modifications such as a Harrop supercharger, camshaft, intake and or exhaust upgrades; The faster you can accelerate, the less time you will have to decelerate.


    • A minimum of an 17” wheel diameter is required - Caliper sweep template is available above in the download tab to check specific fitments
    • Optional stainless steel braided brake line available at extra cost.
    • Calipers available in RED only
    • Images are for illustration purposes only
    • *ADR 31/01 Prescribes a fade and recovery test, hot performance where the car is braked from a maximum of 120 to 60 km/h 15 times with 45 seconds between each brake application. The vehicle must then pass an ordinary performance test and achieve 75% of the initial cold test result.

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