Product Code: #99-KSM51K31
Model Compatibility: Toyota Tundra, Land-Cruiser 200 and Lexus LX 570 with 5.7L V8


TVS2650 | Tundra | LC200 | LX 570

Harrop is proud to release the innovative TVS2650 Supercharger Kit to suit the Toyota 3UR-FE 5.7L V8 found in global vehicle platforms like the Toyota Tundra, Landcruiser 200 and Lexus LX 570. The Australian engineered and manufactured Supercharger Kit utilises the largest, most-efficient rotating group ever produced by Eaton, the TVS2650. As a master distributor of Eaton Supercharger and Traction products, Harrop has experience with the 2650 rotating group, being the first Australian Supercharger system to feature the technology for the LS series of engines.

Harrop FDFI (Front Drive, Front Inlet) Superchargers feature extensive upgrades to the cooling system, to ensure optimum thermal efficiency with the inclusion of twin intercooler cores in the manifold integrated with a front mount radiator and high flow Bosch intercooler pump. The improved intercooler system provides greater thermal and volumetric efficiency to unleash the performance potential of the 3UR-FE 5.7L V8.

Package Includes

1 x Supercharger intake manifold including charge-air intercooler
1 x Harrop TVS2650 FDFI Supercharger with RH inlet cover – Toyota Throttle bolt pattern
1 x 8PK FEAD idler bracket,
1 x Coolant cross-over pipe,
1 x 8PK Supercharger drive belt
8 x Replacement high flow injectors
1 x Replacement High flow fuel pump
1 x Plug-in wiring looms for all necessary engine sensors – IAT breakout from MAF sensor, Throttle loom extension and Intercooler pump loom
1 x Front-mount intercooler radiator
1 x Electric Intercooler pump
1 x Coolant Reservoir and moulded hoses

Key Features

    • Interfaces with OE throttle body, Air-box and FEAD
    • Retains all factory ancillaries including A/C, Viscous engine fan and Power Steering


    • *Please note: Power figures are estimates only and actual figure's may vary based on each specific vehicle.
    • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
    • Quoted power figures are approximate and calculated at the flywheel, based on results at the Harrop HQ dynomometer.
    • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
    • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
    • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
    • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.
    • Final price may vary dependent on specific options chosen.
    • Some automatic transmission models may require a cooler kit at additional cost.
    • Images are for illustration purposes only.

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