Product Code: #PWTMIC16
Model Compatibility: Subaru 15-17 VA WRX


PW | Khanacooler | Factory flat mount style | Subaru 15-17 VA WRX

Our new and highly anticipated ‘straight-fit’ Intercooler, the Processwest ‘KHANACOOLER’ is here now. Taking the technology used in our world-leading VERTICOOLER system and integrating it into a conventional Top-Mount setup for ease of fitment and factory-style appearance, KHANACOOLER represents a fantastic first step into the world of Subaru modification.


  • High Flow Process West Bar and plate core measuring 347 x 225 x 100
  • Compatible with factory charge pipe or can you add the Process West charge pipe
  • Comes complete with under hood duct and engine pulley garnish

The good news is that for those of you that value a clean looking engine bay the Processwest KHANACOOLER works with the factory duct which means you don’t need to add any unsightly parts to the engine bay to have the whole system working clean and cool.


Rather than gather a single set of data we decided on a two-pronged testing approach for KHANACOOLER to precisely measure and monitor the results of its fitment. First up was the fitment of a latest-spec AIM Data Logging system.

Using data gathered from the AIM Logger we could check how the KHANACOOLER compared to the stock piece under real-world conditions. This way we could measure the effect of heat soak when stationery right through to the not easily simulated wind-load from high speed runs. In each and every test discipline KHANACOOLER showed significant and measureable improvements over stock that you can feel through the seat of your pants when driving.


Strapped to a Mainline Chassis dyno (well known for their accuracy and repeatability) the first test was to perform totally cold runs between KHANACOOLER and stock to show the gains that come from less boost restriction alone. Impressive? You bet!

The graph below shows factory intercooler testing after three back to back pulls on the dyno. Green trace shows intercooler outlet temperature topping out at massive 57 degrees Celcius.

Then with KHANACOOLER installed we perform the exact same test with the same time between runs to show the improvement in heat rejection. The final figure is 30 degrees Celcius, which is a 27 degree Celcius improvement over stock. Regardless of whether you speak in Celcius or Fahrenheit that’s a whopping 48% cooling improvement shown along with a substantial power gain to boot.

All of our scientific testing points to the fact that when you install KHANACOOLER and combine the real-world benefits of temperature drop AND pressure drop that saying KHANACOOLER is a 50% upgrade over factory is probably a modest statement

Package Includes

1 x Khanacooler Kit (Factory flat mount style)

Key Features

  • Core Size: 347 x 225 x 100mm
  • Factory-style appearance
  • Hood Splitter included
  • Comes with all necessary components to install
  • Available in Black or Silver


  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
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  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.
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