TorqMax 3.2L Turbocharger

Product Code: #TMRAN3.2L
Model Compatibility: Ford Everest, Ranger PXI & PXII 3.2L


TorqMax | Turbocharger | Everest, Ranger PXI & PXII 3.2L

When looking to power up your Ranger the power and torque of the 3.2L engine really starts to fall over after 2900rpm which is due to the odd sizing of the standard turbocharger, especially in the PX2 which is a smaller frame turbo than the PX1 and is not suited to high performance applications as they don’t have a thrust bearing and run a much smaller diameter compressor inducer and shaft.

The TorqMax turbocharger has addressed this with an upgraded full 360 degree thrust to improve longevity. The compressor Inducer wheel is replaced with a 15% larger wheel machined from a solid billet. This wheel also features extended tip technology and a 13% smaller hub diameter which effectively makes the blade surface larger giving the blades even more surface area to draw air in.

This all adds up to a super efficient, more responsive and ultimately more reliable turbo capable of flowing well over 20% more air with zero downsides. As the Torqmax turbocharger is based of the factory turbo (GT22), it’s a direct fit and requires no other modifications to install.

The results of fitting a TorqMax turbocharger combined with an ECU remap are impressive to say the least. Power and torque of the 3.2L engine are broadened vastly up to 215kw* and 650nm*which isapproximately 45% more power & torque at 3500rpm over standard .

Package Includes

1 x TorqMax 3.2L Turbocharger. (Supply Only)

Key Features

  • Capable of making 215Kw* and 650Nm* at the flywheel.
  • Direct Fit - No Modifications required.
  • Upgraded Thrust bearing for improved reliability and longevity.
  • 15% Larger billet Compressor Wheel.
  • Extended tip technology for improved flow.
  • Flows over 20% more than Factory Turbo.


  • When fitting a TorqMax Turbocharger it is important the that the ECU is remapped to suit the new airflow requirements.
  • It is also recommended that an upgraded Intercooler and exhaust is fitted to the vehicle.
  • *Power figures are indicative only and will vary based on vehicle condition and modifications.

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