JAKD Microfiber clothes

Product Code: #VR70007
Model Compatibility: All Makes and models


Voodoo Ride | JAKD Microfiber clothes

Voodoo Ride's Jakd has high-performing wedge shaped split strands to remove dirt particles while protecting surfaces from ugly scratches.

Superior to cotton and terry cloth, each Jakd fiber is split into 16 separate "microfiber" strands and is several hundred times smaller than a strand of cotton.

Jakd is highly absorbent, lint and streak-free, retains six times its weight in water and is machine washable up to 500 times. So there.

Package Includes

1 x Twin pack of premium quality microfibre cloths.

Key Features


Don't limit your use of Jakd microfibre towels to just polishing your ride. Jakd is ideal for applying and working all Voodoo Ride products on all surfaces!

Use a clean cloth for applying each product and save a clean Jakd microfibre cloth for final polishing. Use gently and turn regularly for best results.

Hot Tip:

Try using a Jakd cloth to dry your ride after washing.

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