JUJU Car Shampoo

Product Code: #VR70003
Model Compatibility: All Makes and models


Voodoo Ride | JUJU Car Shampoo

Voodoo Ride's Juju is a freakishly concentrated, biodegradable wash soap that is safe for all finishes, and will not strip wax or polish.

With specially formulated surfactants, Juju will quickly and ruthlessly remove dirt, grime and other road gunk leaving an incredible shine that resists water spots.

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Package Includes

1 x Juju Premium Car Shampoo - 475ml plastic bottle

Key Features


Before touching the car with a sponge you need to rinse all the loose dirt and grime with a water spray, top to bottom. Pour a small amount of Juju into an empty bucket, approximately 2 caps per bucket is a good mix. Fill the remainder with water and drench a nice big peanut sponge.

Gently work each panel at a time with the sponge always ensuring it is clean and amply lubricated. Start at the top, working your way down, rinsing after each section. Once your ride is free from dirt and grime use a quality chamois to remove excess water.

Hot Tip:

If you hear a squeaking sound with the sponge you need more lube, dip the sponge in the bucket quick smart!


First Aid Measures

Eye Contact: Immediately flush eyes with directed stream of water for at least 15 minutes, forcibly holding eyelids apart to ensure complete irrigation of all eye and lid tissue. Get medical attention immediately.

Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothing and wash before use. Wash skin with soap and water. Seek medical attention if irritation develops.

Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Contact emergency medical support if breathing stops or is irregular.

Ingestation: DO NOT induce vomiting. Have patient drink several glasses of water, never give anything to an unconscious person. Get medical attention immediately

Handling Precautions:

Avoid eye contact. Wash thoroughly after handling. Do not ingest. Do not breath vapors or mist. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not cut, grind, puncture, drill, weld, on or near containers. Vapors are combustible to open flames. Keep containers closed when not in use. Do not use pressure to empty containers. Always loosen closure cautiously when opening.

Storage Requirements:

Store in a cool, dry, well-vented area away from direct sunlight, heat, flames and sparks in a controlled environment. Do not store near combustible materials or liquids. Do not store in open unlabeled or mislabeled containers. Empty containers retain product vapor or residue. Follow all label warnings even after container is empty. Keep from freezing. Keep out of reach of children.

Physical and Chemical Properties

Physical State: LiquidAppearance and Odor: Green Liquid, Lemon Scented.
Odor Threshold: Vapor Pressure: Not Determined
Vapor Density (Air=1): Less than 1
Specific Gravity (H2O=1, at 72degF): 1.02
pH: 8.0 - 9.0
Water Solubility: 100%
Boiling Point: Estimated at 212degF
Freezing Point: Range 20-25degF
Viscosity: Sp #3, 20 rpm, 150-250 cps
% Volatile: 60 - 80%
Evaporation Rate: Not Determined

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