Wednesday 23rd September 2015 Rob

HSV LSA W507 Package

20141127-WPP_W507 (455 of 547)-Edit

The ultimate Walkinshaw package for the HSV Gen F GTS and Gen F2 LSA.

In 2013 Walkinshaw Performance Products, following the launch of Australia’s most powerful road car ever built the HSV GTS, began to scope out a suitable package to compliment this magnificently engineered vehicle.

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Thursday 17th September 2015 Rob

VF II SS W375 Package


Australia’s leading performance house Walkinshaw Performance is proud to announce the launch of a new range of plated products “The W Series.”

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Monday 31st August 2015 Rob

HPF make the Mad Monaro roar


Anyone who has ever seen any of the movies from the Mad Max franchise knows that they have a raw energy that pulsates from the screen. When the fourth movie, Mad Max – Fury Road, was released, car experts Pedders, and Roadshow Films, decided to create a competition around a vehicle that had the same powerful effect. Read more…

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