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  • Flywheel Power: +30% Power, +30% Torque, +10% Economy
  • Price: From $1,195
  • Model Compatibility: CRD Hilux (1KD), Prado (1KD) & Landcruiser V8 1VD-FTV
  • Installation Time: 1 Day

"A much better driving experience with effortless torque and power and no smoke! It doesn't get much better!"

HPF CRD-Flash tuning is THE state of the art way of improving both power and torque for your modern common rail diesel engine. By re-calibrating the factory engine computer unit (ECU) we are able to optimize the engine power and torque output as well as improve the vehicle’s fuel economy by as much as 10%. Reprogramming the vehicle’s ECU has a number of advantages not at least is that we can retain all of the manufacturers inbuilt safety features as we are not tricking or going behind the ECU’s back. Additionally, reprogramming the ECU gives us the unparalleled ability to alter torque management tables, throttle mapping, boost pressure, fuel pressure & injector timing to name just a few… something no individual chip or module can come close to claiming. 

Real world average gains of around 25% more power and 25% more torque with no degradation to reliability or drive-ability shows that with CRD-Flash tuning technology you really can have your cake and eat it too! The process requires the vehicle to be at the Horse Power Factory for a period of one day, where our specialist tuners set the vehicle up on our All Wheel Dyno for a baseline dyno run. The vehicle is then connected to our state of the art ECU reading and writing hardware. Our tuner then continues by adjusting the ECU parameters, all the time monitoring the progress on the dyno screen and via our ECU logging devices and EGT sensors. At HPF we custom tune every vehicle and each vehicle is returned to the customer along with a dyno graph showing the baseline dyno run and the final run, this graph will display the gains in both Power and Torque for comparison.

For more information on diesel flash tuning and how it works please visit our FAQ page.

PLEASE NOTE : The Horsepower Factory (HPF) has no affiliation with Toyota and service offered by our company may impact on your vehicle manufacturer warranty as well as the fuel efficiency and emissions of your vehicle.

Vehicle Details

Hilux Hilux Prado Prado Prado Landcruiser Landcruiser Hiace
Year 2006-2015 2015-2018 2006-2009 2009-2015 2015-2018 2007-2018 2007-2018 2007-2018
Model D-4D 1GD-FTV 120 D-4D 150 D-4D 1GD-FTV 70 Series 200 Series KDH201R
Capacity (Litres) 3.0 2.8 3.0 3.0 2.8 4.5 4.5 3.0
Engine Cyl 4 4 4 4 4 8 8 4
Standard KW 120 130 127 127 130 151 195 100
Standard NM 343 450 410 410 450 430 650 300
CRD-Flash KW 165* 160* 165* 165* 160* 203* 235* 140*
CRD-Flash NM 530* 540* 530* 530* 540* 650* 780* 425*

*Quoted power, torque and economy figures are calculated at the flywheel and indicative of that vehicle, but may vary based on a number of variables including vehicle condition and additional upgrades.

                                HPF Stage-2 turbocharger upgrade – Now Available!


Other Diesel Upgrade Options – ask us for more information!

  • High performance exhaust system
  • High Flow 7 micron BMC air filter element
  • High Performance Intercooler system
  • UPR Billet Alloy Crank Case Ventilation oil Catch Can

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

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  1. avatar

    Hey mate I have a 2013 Hilux manual I have a 3” straight through exhaust down to a small muffler , egr delete in ecu and egr blankoff. I have had chip on the Ute but with the hp increase at peak boost my clutch couldn’t handle it and would slip. It currently has a genuine Toyota clutch. Now I am looking at a re map ,what would be A reasonably cheap Solid mass conversion that can handle the hp and is still comfortable to push the clutch in without it feeling like I am on a leg press machine? Cheers mate

  2. avatar

    Hi, I have a 2010 Hilux D4D auto. It is the most underpowered thing ever. I have an enclosed motorbike trailer (fairly large) and cant pull it at 100km/hr. To get the 165kw / 500Nm tune do I need to change exhaust system and intercooler or simply do a tune?

  3. avatar


    We have a 2012 prado, 220k on the clock,

    Can you do an exhaust remap package


    Exhaust, remap and intercooler pack.

    How much for each option? I want to keep that same quietness no drone, a bit extra pick up and smoothness, we do tow 2 tonne caravan

  4. avatar

    Hi I have a 2014 prado 4.0l v6 same engine as fj cruiser. Do you have ecu remap for me. Thankz

  5. avatar

    Hi to asll @ HPF
    1 _ Do you have figures on upgraded intercooler and tune for lc200 with 3 inch turbo back high flow cats .
    2 – is there data showing top mount vs frtont mount intercooler up grade and ehich is better. 3. Is 200+ kw at rear wheel on lc 200 possible ..

    Cheers Darren

  6. avatar

    What packages do you have to increase the power and torque of a 2017 76 series wagon? I want to get as much as I can without over stressing the motor (it’s only don’t 2000kms so far)

  7. avatar

    Hey guys just wondering if you sell the hks fcon or if i should buy it from somewhere else and bring it to you for tuning.

    What price would i be looking at for the ecu, tune and egr delete?

    Also do you do egr intake cleaning, sell bigger injectors or exhausts?

    • avatar

      Hi Jesse, We can supply & fit the HKS F-Con for $1800.(We have in stock)

      It would cost an extra $220 to switch the EGR off in the factory ECU if you are using the HKS F-Con.

      We can supply & fit an exhaust upgrade etc

  8. avatar

    Hi, with your tunes, at what RPM increments do you tune at please?

  9. avatar

    I’ve recently bought a 76 I’ve don’t a heavy duty clutch, remap and 3inch exhaust but wondering what I can do to make the turbo whistle when you give it a boot and back off.

  10. avatar

    I have land cruiser 200 diesel v8 twin turbo ( 1VD-FTV V8 ) I want the full power of the car what are the best mods I can do for my car

    I would like the help of the experts


  11. avatar

    I have a 2013 prado auto and I’m looking to get a major power increase.
    I see the power figure of 165kw and 530 Nm of torque at the flywheel on your web site but is there scope to make more power with a turbo/injector/intercooler/exhaust upgrade ?

    • avatar

      Hi Brendan, Absolutely! We offer a range of higher output upgrade for the D4D engine. Best bet would be to give Matt a call in our office on 97931616 to discuss the various options.

  12. avatar


    We have a 2016 Prado do you offer ECU flash tune to suit this model ?
    Also do you have exhaust upgrades including DPF delete

  13. avatar

    Hey my uncle has a 2000 land cruiser 1HZ engine. Non turbo. What is recommended and how much would he be looking at cost wise? And what difference would it make approx?

  14. avatar


    Is there a flash tune for the 2016 toyota hilux sr5?

  15. avatar

    Hey I have a hilux 1kd I am in Darwin amI able to send my ecu down to be remapped and what price would that be cheers

  16. avatar

    What can you do for a 2011 hiace commuter bus diesel

  17. avatar

    are you able to remove the dpf and egr from a 2016 landcruiser 200 and if so what would be the cost?

    • avatar

      Hi Brett, Yes we can carry out a DPF delete and switch the EGR off by custom tuning it and fitting an aftermarket exhaust. Cost would be $3,300 Inc GST for everything.

  18. avatar

    Hi, I have a 2012 Prado 150 and looking to get a tune

    Has a 3inch Redback straight through with CAT
    Safari snorkel with KN filter

    What will a tune set me back and is it worthwhile shutting off the egr valve?

    What power outputs will I be looking at?

    Only done 35,000km


  19. avatar

    6 speed auto 2016 sr5 2.8 remap and exhaust available yet. Need a bit more poke , if available how much am I looking at?

  20. avatar

    Hi Matt,
    I have a 2008 Hilux 3.0 TD. Automatic transmission 4 gear. Do i need to change some thing on it, if i repam the ECU.
    Thanks in advance, Afif.

  21. avatar

    Hi how much will it cost to turn the egr off in the ecu?

  22. avatar

    Hey mate what’s the best price for a tune and clutch upgrade for an 07 Hilux? And can you’s do anything with the EGR? Thanks.

  23. 1/ Do you dyno the vehicle before and after the ECU is flashed / remapped. Is there a safe guard from losing the mapping? I would not be overjoyed with having to pay 2 or 3 times for the mapping.

    2/ Why is it necessary to upgrade the clutch, pressure plate etcetera afterwards?

    3/ Do you custom tune for what the vehicle is going to be used for?

    Regards Karen

    • avatar

      Hi Kazza,

      1/ Yes we do dyno the car before and after and provide you with a dyno sheet showing those figures. We always keep your modified file on record, if for some reason the dealer was to re-flash your ECU we load the file back into your car at no cost.(Our experience is that This doesn’t happen very often)
      2/ It is necessary to upgrade the clutch due to the increase in torque you get custom remapping the ECU which exceeds the limit of the factory clutch causing them to start to slip.
      3/ We custom tune every vehicle for maximum safe power and torque across the rev range, if their is something specific you’re looking for we are happy to listen.

  24. the 165 kw is on wheels or flywheel

  25. avatar

    Hi, will I need a clutch upgrade for a VDJ76 before the ECU flash tune.

  26. avatar

    Hi Matt,
    I have a 2015 Prado 150 3.0 TD. Have you tuned this vehicle yet? If yes, what type of feedback have you received from your customers post the tune? I tossing between getting a Chip module and your tune. From your experience and knowledge in diesels, You may be able to shed some light on which might be s superior option. Thanks in advance, Daniel.

    • avatar

      Hi Daniel, We can and have tune the 2015 Prado 3.0lt and have had nothing other than positive feedback on the remap. Our website details the benefits of an ECU remap of a chip module. Or feel free to give Matt a call on 97931616 to discuss the benefits in detail.

  27. avatar


    When will an ECU upgrade be available for the new 2.8? Also, have you heard of any issues with the 3.0 upgrade? going from 127kw/410nm to 165kw/525nm is a fair bit….any driveline/engine problems?


  28. i have 120 prado 2008 with new injectors and 3′ LEGENDEX EXHAUST SYSTEM
    what power gains i can expect after a tune and reprogramming the engines factory ECU

  29. avatar

    Hi Matt,
    I have a 2010 79 series V8 turbo Cruiser. I have been thinking of a power upgrade for quite a while. The car has been serviced by Toyota since new. The last time I picked it up from the dealership I mentioned I wanted to chip it. The service manager warned me about some of the results he had seen from power upgrades. ie, con rods sticking out thru the engine blocks. I,d like your feed back on this type of response please. I,m a bit sheepish about the risk of possibility blowing up a $30K+ engine. Have you heard of any such horror stories?
    Cheer’s Macka

    • avatar

      Hi Macka, I have personally never heard or seen engines failing from basic upgrades. In fact re-tuning the 79 series increases the power to slightly more than the 200 series which has the same engine without the second turbo. So it would be common sense that the engine can handle basic upgrades at least to that power level.

  30. avatar

    Mate just chasing cost on get more out of 2009 prado t/d
    And where u guys are ?

    • avatar

      Hi Troy,

      We are in Dandenong Victoria. The D4D 3.0L engine comes up fantastic with a tune, we are now reprogramming the engines factory ECU, this is showing great results, like 40% more power and 50% more torque with a good exhaust and clutch. The tune can be had for $1195 and we need the car for just the day.

  31. avatar

    Hi there. Is your product a DIY and will you guys ship to south africa? I have a 2010 hilux and would like to add some more hp to it. She’s currently pushing 141kw with a uni chip and a 4″ open pipe. What can i do next?

  32. avatar

    I have a 2006 prado gxl pre d4d how much would a tune and an exhaust cost roughly as it is gutless. And very very slow downgrading from TRD hilux, would like to get abit more driveability from it as its a great car although the lack of power

  33. avatar

    My name is sam and i have a 2008 v8 landcruiser it has got a 3 inch exhaust and yor outlaw 4×4 chip in it that i like a lot and i was wondering if you guys do bigger injectors for the crusiers and do they make more power and if so wat sort of price would it be

    Cheers sam

  34. Guys I have a vdj79 would like to get a bit more power out of it. I use it for touring through to flat out up sand dunes. Have up graded the exhaut to twin 3″ and put in the npc 1300 nm clutch. Not sure if I want to go a bigger turbo, but would like to have the option. My question is what chip and EGR stop would you recommend? Oh and does your EGR stop, stop comp surge? Cheers Leif

  35. avatar


    just wondering how much torque the stock 5 speed manual 70 series
    landcruiser can handle, considering changing it to twin turbo 200
    series specs. How much would it cost to tune with 200 series specs?

    Is there 6 speed manual gearbox that could possibly fit the 4.5 v8?
    for example ive been looking at the zf-650 used in the ford f series
    6.0 powerstroke. or would it be better to change the gear ratios ? if
    so where would i buy the new gears?

    The 70 series are so slow (ratios to low) would love if it run like a
    ford powerstroke or ranger.

    • avatar


      There is no room to run two turbo’s but there is an upgraded aftermarket turbocharger for the 70 series. I would highly recommend the following upgrades before doing anything in that car, this may be enough and it should be enough to at the minimum keep up with a tuned Ranger.

      1 x HKS F-Con iD diesel ECU kit
      1 x 3″ Turbo back exhaust system
      8 x High flow fuel injectors

      This is not particularly cheap at a touch over 8k, but the power and torque increase is massive.

  36. avatar

    Just curious as to how the tune would make the hilux perform against the aspirated 4.0 petrol and trd version of the hilux. Still not producing the same kw but smashing it in nm?

    • avatar

      Hi Mick,

      Not really sure mate, the 4.0 litre V6 goes pretty well and would probably take the modified Hilux, put a trailer on both and I’d put my money on the diesel though.

  37. avatar

    Hey mate I bought the hks to fit in my hiace but the diagram of.wiring shows for hikux can u send me a diagram for hiace 1kd

  38. avatar

    I have a 2008 toyota landcruiser v8 wagon and i am looking at getting yor diesel chip and i was just wondering wen you install the chip and tune it do you increece the boost pressure and if you dont increece it is it possible to do that

    Cheers sam

    • avatar

      Hi Sam,

      Stienbauer does not have a boost pressure adjustment feature however we do have a different module we have been using from time to time that does, typically it adds around 3 psi and it offsets some of the extra fuel added very nicely.

      • avatar

        Hey matt
        So wat is that other module called and is it the same price
        Cheers sam

        • avatar

          Hi Sam,

          We have been using the Outlaw 4×4 diesel module, it is a fuel pressure device, is tune-able and also allows us to add around 3 psi of boost. This is good as it allows us to make good power but also keep the air fuel ratio’s nice and safe. The price is $1195 supplied, fitted and tuned on the dyno. The price includes a before and after dyno graph.

  39. avatar

    do you tune aurion 2006-2012 model (gsv40).how much it will gain from that,,,cheers

  40. avatar

    Awsome work guys keep tuning and Keep it up 🙂

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