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  • Flywheel Power: +25% Power, +25% Torque, +10% Economy
  • Price: $1,195
  • Model Compatibility: CRD Volkswagen Amarok, Touareg.
  • Installation Time: 1 Day

"A much better driving experience with effortless torque and power and improved fuel economy! It doesn't get much better!"

HPF CRD-Flash tuning is THE state of the art way of improving both power and torque for your modern common rail diesel engine. By re-calibrating the factory engine computer unit (ECU) we are able to optimize the engine power and torque output as well as improve the vehicles fuel economy by as much as 10%. Reprogramming the vehicles ECU has a number of advantages not at least is that we can retain all of the manufacturers inbuilt safety features as we are not tricking or going behind the ECU’s back. Additionally, reprogramming the ECU gives us the unparalleled ability to alter torque management tables, throttle mapping, boost pressure, fuel pressure & injector timing to name just a few… something no individual chip or module can come close to claiming. Real world average gains of around 25% more power and 25% more torque with no degradation to reliability or drive-ability shows that with CRD-Flash tuning technology you really can have your cake and eat it too!

The process requires the vehicle to be at the Horse Power Factory for a period of one day, where our specialist tuners set the vehicle up on our All Wheel Dyno for a baseline dyno run. The vehicle is then connected to our state of the art ECU reading and writing hardware. Our tuner then continues by adjusting the ECU parameters, all the time monitoring the progress on the dyno screen and via our ECU logging devices and EGT sensors.

At HPF we custom tune every vehicle and each vehicle is returned to the customer along with a dyno graph showing the baseline dyno run and the final run, this graph will display the gains in both Power and Torque for comparison.

For more information on diesel flash tuning and how it works please visit our FAQ page.

PLEASE NOTE : The Horsepower Factory (HPF) has no affiliation with Volkswagen and service offered by our company may impact on your vehicle manufacturer warranty as well as the fuel efficiency and emissions of your vehicle.

Vehicle Details

Amarok Amarok Amarok Amarok
Year 2016-2017 2011-2017 2011-2017 2011-2016
Model  TDI550  TDI420  TDI400  TDI340
Capacity (Litres) 3.0 2.0 2.0 2.0
Engine Cylinders 6 4 4 4
Standard KW 165 132 120 90
Standard NM 550 420 400 340
CRD-Flash KW 216* 155* 150* 138*
CRD-Flash NM 650* 505* 480* 420*
Touareg Touareg Touareg Touareg Touareg Touareg Touareg
Year 2011-2017 2011-2017 2013-2017 2004-2009 2009-2010 2004-2009 2008-2009
Model 7P 150TDI 7P V6TDI 7P V8TDI 7L R5TDI 7L V6TDI 7L V10TDI 7L R50 V10
Capacity (Litres) 3.0 3.0 4.2 2.5 3.0 4.9 4.9
Engine Cylinders 6 6 8 5 6 10 10
Standard KW 150 176 250 128 165 230 258
Standard NM 400 550 800 400 500 750 850
CRD-Flash KW 216* 216* 291* 153* 201* 276* 300*
CRD-Flash NM 650* 650* 900* 480* 575* 850* 970*

*Quoted power, torque and economy figures are calculated at the flywheel and indicative of that vehicle, but may vary based on a number of variables including vehicle condition and additional upgrades.

Other Diesel Upgrade Options – ask us for more information!

  • High Flow Exhaust system
  • High Flow 7 micron BMC air filter element
  • High Performance Intercooler system
  • UPR Billet Alloy Crank Case Ventilation oil Catch Can
  • EGR (exhaust gas re-circulation) Valve by-pass

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

25 Comments please add yours...

  1. avatar

    Just wondering if there is any mods available for a VW 2.0 B8 Passat .

  2. avatar

    Hi Rob,

    Does anyone read the other questions before they ask the same thing over and over? I look forward to an upgrade in my v6 Rok for $1195!

  3. avatar

    Hi I’d like to ask u a couple of questions
    I’m interested in doing a few mods to my car
    I have a 2013 model amarok 2.0 litter bioturbo

    I want to
    – remove and fit new dump pipe (or gut the existing DPF system)
    – remap the computer
    – remove the EGR
    -and after doing all that would I need to get a power chip shop ?

    Can you let me know what you can do out of the above and what the coast will be ?

  4. avatar

    Can I get 200kw and 650nm from my V6 Amarok?
    What is the max power/torque you can tune this engine up to?

  5. avatar

    Hey can you Tune a 2008 vw polo GTI ( BJX Motor)

  6. avatar

    Is there a sports muffler system for the 2017 amorak v6

  7. avatar

    just a question re the OVERBOOST numbers
    165 to180 stock kw……..550 to 580stock nm…
    Pleaes explain youy set up…

    Mark Dombrowski

  8. avatar

    Rob, you did a sdv8 Range Rover for me last year and was so impressed now looking to do Amarok v6. Do you have any output figures at stage 2 tune from any v6 rocks you have done? Want to go one level up from standard flash tune as the motor is obviously detuned to buggery for use in the rok.


  9. Any tunes yet for the VW Amarok TDI550 V6 TDI?

  10. avatar


    I have a 2014 Touareg 150. Is it possible to go a little lower than the 216kw and 600Nm. I want reliability and longjevity as well as an increase in performance. Would be happy with 180kw and 500Nm!


  11. avatar

    I have a 2012 Touareg TDi (180kw & 550Nm). It has done 65,000 km. Have you done any of these & do you have graphs available?

  12. Hi,
    My car is 2015 VW touareg 150 TDI, it has just reached 3000 kilometres now, I was wondering what the performance result will be after the tune?

    is it ok to do the tune in the new car or let it run for more and make the parts somooth, then do it?

    and also, will it influence my factory warranty?

    thank you in advance

    • avatar

      Hi Steven,

      I believe we can tune your Toureg 150 TDI but would like to see the car to confirm that as it is a 2015 model.

      There is no issue with tuning the car new and yes it may influence your warranty depending if any warrantable failure was contributed to the tune.

      Power increase would be 200KW and 600nm.

  13. avatar


    I was wondering how the flash tune performs in the real world. I have seen the dyno graphs but what is the pick up like below 2500rpm when most time would be spent.

    Also, how have the Amarok’s held up in the long run with the tune?

    • avatar

      Hi Luke,

      What you will notice is better throttle response, improved torque when pulling from a stand still especially when towing, easier overtaking and improved acceleration even under light throttle applications. The power and torque is improved by at least 10% basically as soon as you touch the throttle. We have had no negative feedback from any of the Amarok’s we have tuned.

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