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BMW ECU Tuning

  • Price: FROM $1195
  • Model Compatibility: BMW

HPF have specialised in the performance enhancement of vehicles for over 30 years and now offer a custom tuning solution for most European vehicles including BMW. By custom re-calibrating the engines ECU (Engine control unit) parameters to suit your vehicle’s individual requirement’s HPF release the full potential of your car giving you a distinct performance advantage.

Unlike most of our competitors, the HPF EuroTune software is fully adjustable to suit individual driving styles and the car’s modifications ensuring the ultimate tuning result. Through our ever increasing commitment and knowledge of tuning, complimented by our investment in Software and training of modern engine management systems, HPF EutoTune deliver’s the ultimate tune for your vehicle maintaining reliability, providing a smoother, more responsive and powerful driving experience.

Please Note: We do not tune EDC17CP45, EDC17C50, EDC17CP45 Bosch ECU’s found in some BMW and Mini’s, please call to confirm compatibility.

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BMW 1-series 118d

Power Torque Power Torque
BMW 118d  2009-2011 – E87/E88 105Kw 300Nm 135Kw 375Nm
BMW 118d  2011-2012 – F20 105Kw 320Nm 135Kw 375Nm

BMW 1-series 120d

BMW 120d  2006 -2007 (FEB)- E87 115Kw 330Nm 150Kw 420Nm
BMW 120d  2007(JUNE) – 2009 – E87 125Kw 340Nm 150Kw 420Nm

BMW 1-series 123d

BMW 123d  2009 – 2011  – E82/E87/E88 150Kw 340Nm 180Kw 450Nm
BMW 123d  2012 – E82/E87/E88 LCI 150Kw 400Nm 180Kw 480Nm

BMW 1-series 135i

BMW 135i  2008-2012 225Kw 400Nm 280kw 530Nm

BMW 1-series 1M Coupé

BMW 1M Coupé 2011-2012 250Kw 500Nm 290Kw 570Nm

BMW 3-series  318d

BMW 318d  – 2012 – F30 105Kw 320Nm 135Kw 370Nm

BMW 3-series 320d

BMW 320d 2006-2007 – E90 115Kw 330Nm 150Kw 420Nm
BMW 320d 2008 – E90 125Kw 340Nm 165Kw 440Nm
BMW 320d 2008 (Oct) – 2010 – E90/E91/E92/E93 130Kw 350Nm 165Kw 440Nm
BMW 320d 2010 (March on) – 2012 – E90/E91/E92/E93/F30 135Kw 380Nm 165Kw 440Nm

BMW 3-series  330d

BMW 330d 2009-2010 – E90/E92/E93 180Kw 520Nm 212kw 615nm

BMW 3-series 335i

BMW 335i 2006-2012 – E90/E91/E92/E93/F30 225Kw 400Nm 270Kw 510Nm

BMW 5-series  520d

BMW 520d 2007-2009 – E60 125Kw 340Nm 165Kw 440Nm
BMW 520d  2009(July) – 2010 – E60 130kw 350Nm 165Kw 440Nm
BMW 520d  2010-2012 – F10/F11 135Kw 380Nm 165Kw 440Nm

BMW 5-series 530d

BMW 530d 2005-2009 – E60 160Kw 480Nm 212kw 615nm
BMW 530d 2009(May) – 2012 – E60/F07 170Kw 500Nm 212kw 615nm

BMW 5-series 535d

BMW 535d  2010-2011 – F10 – With Steering Wheel Gearshift paddles 220Kw 600Nm 265Kw 710Nm
BMW 535d  2010-2011 – F10 230Kw 630Nm 265Kw 710Nm

BMW 5-series 535i

BMW 535i 2010-2012 – F07/F11 225Kw 400Nm 270Kw 510Nm

BMW 7-series 730d

BMW 730d 2009-2012 – F01 180Kw 540Nm 212kw 615nm

BMW X3-series 2.0d

BMW X3 2.0d 2007 – E83 125kw 340Nm 165Kw 440Nm
BMW X3 2.0d 2008-2010 – E83 130Kw 350Nm 165Kw 440Nm
BMW X3 2.0d 2011-2012 – F25 135Kw 380Nm 165Kw 440Nm

BMW X3-series 3.0d

BMW X3 3.0d 2005-2010 – E83 160Kw 500Nm 212kw 615Nm
BMW X3 3.0sd 2010-2012 – F25 190Kw 560Nm 212kw 615Nm

BMW X5-series 3.0d

BMW X5 3.0d 2003-2006 – E53 150Kw 480Nm 212kw 615Nm

BMW X5-series

BMW X5 3.0d 2007-2010 xDrive30d E70 160Kw 500Nm 212kw 615Nm
BMW X5 3.0d 2010(MY11) – 2012 xDrive30d E70 180Kw 540Nm 230Kw 700Nm
BMW X5 3.0d 2008-2010 xDrive35d E70 200Kw 565Nm 260Kw 700Nm
BMW X5 3.0sd 2007-2010 xDrive40d E70 225Kw 600Nm 280Kw 780Nm

BMW X6-series

BMW X6  2008-2012 – xDrive 30d E71 180Kw 540Nm 230kw 700Nm
BMW X6  2008-2010 – xDrive 35d (Twin turbo) E71 200Kw 565Nm 260Kw 700Nm
BMW X6  2010-2012 – xDrive40d (Twin turbo) E71 225Kw 600Nm 280Kw 780Nm

BMW Z4-series

BMW Z4 sDrive35i 2009-2012 – E89 225Kw 400Nm 280Kw 480Nm
BMW Z4 sDrive35is 2010-2012 – E89 250Kw 450Nm 270Kw 510Nm

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

173 Comments please add yours...

  1. avatar

    Hi guys, just enquiring about tuning 2008 135i E88 also exhaust upgrades to a loud one

  2. avatar

    Hi, l have a 2006 X5 sport 3 litre diesel, its done nearly 280000 klm with just normal services as required. I am interested in having it checked over to see if it needs any work on the motor such as new or cleaned injectors, work on the pump etc and if all comes up ok consider having it tuned up, performance exhaust etc. Do you do this sort of work or just ecu upgrades. Regards Dave.

  3. avatar

    Hi. I have a 2009 BMW 135i E82.
    Could you please let me know the cost of the Stage 1 ECU tune please.
    Thank you.

  4. avatar


    I was wondering if you do 2015 420d m sport f33 tuning?

    If so what is pricing?


  5. avatar

    Hi there, what ECU tunes are available for a 2015 328i F30 M sport?

  6. avatar

    have you got a tune for a e60 m 5 thanks Aaron

    • avatar

      Hi Aaron, We can tune them but they are reasonably well tuned from the factory with a modest increase of around 30hp and 30Nm of torque from tuning. Cost would be $1195 Inc GST.

  7. avatar

    I have just purchased a 2013 F10 M5
    What gains can I achieve if you can remap the factory chip and cost?
    Thanks in advance

  8. avatar

    Good morning HPF, …..E39 535i….are there any moves you can make on this machine?

  9. avatar

    Hey buddy got a bmw 320d 2012 f30 how much for a tune

  10. avatar

    Hi. I’ve got a 2011 135i. I was wondering how efficient your tunes are, how would it impact fuel consumption. And also do they stress the engine, impacting reliability and the engines life span? Thanks

    • avatar

      Hi Chris, Tuning the engine will only effect your economy if you are constantly using the additional power as More Power requires more fuel. However if your just cruising or driving it normally I wouldn’t expect it to change. The engines reliability and Life span would not really alter unless you are constantly driving it at full power which is pretty hard to do unless you are going around a race track.

  11. avatar

    Hi I have a 535i 201q what modes can I do and what power will I see? Thanks

  12. avatar

    I have an E46 330ci M Sport 170kw can you do this model and if so what power increase could I expect ?

  13. avatar

    Hey chaps love your work keep it up
    I’ve got a 530i e60 I know it’s natural aspirated engine and no point tuning I’m just after something that make the exhaust back fire more anything you guys can do?

  14. avatar

    Just wondering if you do a remap and ECU tune or software upgrade for a 2006 320i Executive e90 idrive?

  15. avatar

    Hi. Is it possible to tune a 2016 BMW 520i? If so what sort of gains would i get?


    • avatar

      Hi Alex, Yes we can tune it. Power and torque increase is 55Kw and 150Nm cost is $1,495 Inc and we would need the car for the day.

      • avatar

        Hey Rob – sorry couldn’t work out how to post up the top – could you tune a 2017 x3 xdrive20i? think it should have a similar engine to the above?

        • avatar

          Hi Daniel, Yes we can tune it Power and torque increase by approx 55Kw and 150Nm of torque (Obviously de-tuned from the factory) Cost is $1,195 Inc GST and we would just need the car for the day.

  16. avatar

    Hey, I’ve got a stock e92 335i , and looking to get a tune. Would you I do the intake first then book in for a tune and if so, how much $$ are we looking?

  17. avatar

    Hey chaps,

    Looking for a tune for 2009 x-drive 30d. Do you still do work with Gen Tech in the ACT?


  18. avatar

    Hi there,

    Is ECU remap available for a 2001 BMW X5 E53 4.4 v8?



  19. avatar

    What options available for BMW z4 e86 3.0SI ? Cheers!

  20. avatar

    125i lci model. Tune? What power does this car make.. I’ve heard it’s a 330i without a tune..

  21. avatar

    I have a 2015 F10 LCI 520d with the 140Kw/400Nm B47 engine. Is there an ECU tune (custom or off-the-shelf) available?

  22. avatar

    Do you offer ecu upgrade for a 2013 BMW X6 E71 30D? if so what Kw output could I expect from the upgrade? and what would the cost be?
    Thx Des

  23. avatar

    Hi there,

    I have a 2015 BMW M235i. Can you guys tune it? If so, what would I get after the tune? And what would the cost be?


  24. avatar

    I’m taking delivery of a BMW M2 mid march. Current specs on this vehicle indicate that it’s top speed is limited to 250klm per hour. However I have read reports that owners who have had their EMS remapped are now getting 300km/hr. Would you be able to achieve the same or better results with my M2. If yes what gains could I expect? Also could you advise cost please and if this upgrade would affect the manufacturers warranty.

    Many thanks

  25. avatar

    Hi there,
    I was wondering if you offer tuning the 323i 2008 Model (sedan)

  26. avatar

    Hi there, are you able to tune a BMW e46 m3 with a V2 supercharger kit? Custom tune preferably. And if so what would the cost be? Thanks in advance.

  27. avatar

    Hi could you tune a 2016 MY15 X3 28i? What would I get after the tune? Just curious would the BMW dealer find out and void my warranty? Thanks

  28. avatar

    I have 2009 335i twin turbo convertible.
    could you tune it?

  29. avatar


    I have a 2009 135i auto with a JB4 piggyback, ART downpipes and AFE intake.

    I drove the same model car with a JB4 but it also had a Kraftwerk ECU tune (Sydney Company)

    This car felt much more responsive low down from low rpm than mine.

    Is it possible to get gains with a tune even with a JB4?


  30. avatar

    Hi there, just enquiring about 135i N55 tunes. What brand of tune do you use? JB4, Cobb, MHD, other? Does your tune throw up any error codes on the iDrive?
    I am looking to do high flow cat downpipe and a tune. Do you do this and what gains should I expect? Also, what downpipe do you use and what would the total price be for supply, fit and tune?
    Kind Regards,

  31. avatar


    I have a 2008 X5 3.0 SD (Australian spec with 200kw and 565NM) (306D5) I am wondering if you have an ecu tune available for this and what power and torque gains would be expected? also how much would this cost?


  32. avatar

    June 2010 E70 BMW X5 40D. What can we do?

    • avatar

      Hi Michael, Sorry we don’t offer tuning for that model.

      • avatar

        Just curious – from looking the the chart above it shows you tune the BMW X5 3.0sd 2007-2010 xDrive40d E70 – but someone asked about a June 2010 x5 40d you replied that you don’t tune it. Is there something that changed in the 2010 model year – or is there something specific to the BMW ECUs that pose issues? I am currently looking to purchase 2nd hand either the AUDI Q5 30d, BMW x3 30D, or potentially the BMW X5 40d.

        • avatar

          Hi Mike, Yes the X5 Drive40d has an ECU that we can tune but the case has the separated and it is to risky as the circuit board is glued to the case so we don’t offer tuning for that model. However I believe their may be some people around that will do them.

  33. avatar

    Hey chaps,

    Wondering if you do a tune for f10 535i as i notice you do for f07/11 ?
    Also any tune available for f10 550i ?


  34. avatar


    I own a BMW 420i and know the car is basically a detuned 428i.

    What sort of performance increase can I expect from this engine?


  35. avatar

    Hi, I have a 2007 bmw 120i and I want to get more power out of it, what would need to be done?

  36. avatar

    Hi there
    I was wondering if you have any ECU upgrades available for my 2012/2013 BMW X5-30D E70? At present it gives out 180Kw @540Nm.
    The warranty expires this year. I’m confused after reading the multiple reviews.
    Thanks. Abhi.

  37. avatar

    What about a 328i? What increase should I expect and what pricing?

  38. avatar

    Hi there, I have a BMW 1m coupe with no aftermarket mods, have you done any in the past and if so, what do you offer and what sort of power increase would I expect kW, HP, torque ect.. Thanks!

  39. avatar

    Hi, I’ve got 2012 x6 xdrive30d, just wondering that for the ECU tune for my model, it’s a pre-map tune or it’s customized? Also just wondering that will your tune improve the fuel economy? Thanks

  40. avatar


    I got a BMW 325i E90 2011.

    What type of KW increase I can expect with this tune?

    Another question. My Friend has a 323i E90 2010. Is there any tune available for that model?


  41. avatar

    I have a 2007 e92 325i
    Would love to get more power –
    What can I expect from one of your tunes?

    I am also considering a supercharger –

  42. avatar

    Hi guys,

    Got a E46 BMW with a 2.o litre engine.
    Couldn’t find it on your price list so was wondering if you can add some power, torque and responsiveness to it?


  43. avatar

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2010 F10 535i and was wondering to do some upgrades on the power. I also dont want to affect the originality of the vehicle. The stock is 225kw and 400nm from the factory. What upgrades do you suggest and how much will it be? Also, how will it improve the overall driving experience as currently I have little or no turbo lag all through the rev range.


  44. avatar

    Hi mate,

    Can you do ecu tuning for f30 316i (2014)? Thanks

  45. avatar

    Re tuning E83 BMW X3 3.0d How is 4wd aspect handled on dyno and is there overheating of intercooler while going through the tuning process.

  46. avatar

    I have a 2012 x5 3litre diesel, after reading above you don’t tune the 2011 would this be the same for the 2012. Thanks

  47. Hi mate 2011 335i power chip you do came to fit

    • avatar

      Hi Barry, All our tuning is done on the dyno and is custom so the car would need to come to our workshop for the day.

      • avatar

        What can you do with a 2008 bnw 335i couoe. Does your tuning include new aor filter or intake? Also why are they not tuned better from factory std its 225kw in your comments says you can get up to 270kw. Also where is your garage located on gold coast

  48. Hi, I have a bmw 125i with an bmw performance air intake and exhaust system fitted. I was thinking of an ECU upgrade and would appreciate any stats/info on what benefits if any it would have and cost. Thank you.

    • avatar

      Hi Harry, depending on what year your car is the power and torque increase would typically be around 45Kw and 90nm. Cost of the Custom tune is $1195 and we would need the car just for the day to carry out the upgrade.

  49. avatar

    Hi there, what sort of power gains could I expect from a 2013 bmw 328i m-sport?

  50. avatar

    I have a 2003 e53 3.0 d step tronic
    Are you guys able to give it more power
    If so how much power and what price would we be looking at!?

    • avatar

      Hi Trent,

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      Power and torque increase after remapping the ECU is around 40hp and 80nm and cost to remap the computer is $1195.

  51. avatar


    I have a 2011 X3 30d and was wondering if a tune would improve it’s fuel economy as well as output?

    I’ve noticed in your common rail diesel section decent average economy gains, would this be the same for my car?

    I’d like the extra power when required but also keen to get the economy to the factory 6-7l/100km figures, it currently has averaged 8.1 over 60,000ks.

  52. avatar

    Hi guys

    I have just purchased a 2013 BMW 640i convertible and am looking to do some work to the engine or something to give it a bit more grunt and speed as it’s a tad slower than the C63 I had prior to this car. For some reason, no one seems to be doing any tuning or have any performance upgrades for the 6 series! Can anyone give me any tips or advice as to why this is? Or any ideas on what can be done to trick this car up a bit?

    Much appreciated,

  53. avatar

    Just wondering is tuning an E39 525i possible?

  54. avatar


    I have a 2011 X5 30D. I can see for your list the improvement is 50KW. Here is a silly question from a total novice:
    Will the car show the difference markedly after tuning?
    Will the tuning include any protection mechanism to protect the gearbox?
    Will the tuning introduce any potentially desirable behavior that could damage the car?

    • avatar

      Hi John,

      Unfortunately, the ECU in your car is not a friendly device and as such, is one of only two ECU’s (Both BMW!) we choose not to tune. We have done it before but its too risky and may end up very expensive if something were to go wrong.

      • avatar

        Hi Matt,

        So a 2011 X5 xDrive 30D is no good for tuning, can you confirm? It is listed in your website though.


        • avatar

          Hi John,

          The 2011 X5 30D comes up fantastic when tuned however the ECU is not tuner friendly and its a risky beast to modify as the ECU needs to be disassemble to gain access to the ‘tuning port’, this disassembly requires force to be placed on the PCB’s and as such comes with a high chance of damage and big $$$$. We choose not to tune this ECU due to this risk.

  55. avatar

    Will the turning avoid car warranty?
    My car is BMW 520D 2014

    • avatar

      Hi Wayne,

      No company can automatically void a warranty, if the tune effects something negatively requiring a repair, the dealership could decline the warranty repair due to the modification.

  56. avatar

    Hi HPF,

    With the BMW 335i the standard 0-100km/h time is generally stated as 5.7 seconds. What sort of performance could I expect with 270Kw / 510Nm ?

    Thanks, Chris.

    • avatar

      Hi Chris,

      While we have not had the opportunity to measure the 0-100km time, the tune makes a huge difference to the performance of the 335, i would highly recommend it!

  57. avatar

    I have a 2008 E93 325i – what sort of power gains (in kW’s) will be made from a tune?

    Or is there anything else that I can do to increase performance & what is the cost?


    • avatar

      Hi Nick,

      Your E93 will pick up around 15kw and 25nm from the tune as well as improved power and torque, you will notice the car is smoother and more responsive. We would need the car for just the day and the price is $1195.

  58. avatar

    My wife has a 2011 BMW325. The throttle and gearbox response seems poor and has you sat waiting for things to happen when your pressing the go pedal. what could you do to bring things to life without needing an oilfield? Ive heard a suggestion you can change throttle resistors?

    • avatar

      Hi Chris,

      The E90 325i actually comes up really well with the tune, you can expect to see the power raise from 160kw to around 190kw and torque can also raise considerably to around 300nm! This is a substantial gain for a naturally aspirated petrol engine. It can be done in one day and the cost is $1195. We can offer a loan car if that helps.

  59. avatar

    Hi Matt, I have a few of my HSV tuned by you guys but have a 2010 BMW 135i. Just wondering if you have donw any 135i before? If you have has it made much difference after tuning?

    Cheers Sean

  60. Hi There,
    I have a BMW X3 2.0d from 2012. Its coming out of factory warranty in a few months and I can now look at doing something to the power of this car. Can you please tell me what can be done in terms of boosting power and torque? All, if this is possible, will it also make it faster say from 0 – 100? From factory, I think its says it does 8.3 sec. Also, after the change, will the car burn more diesel or will it be the same?


    • avatar

      Hi Gabriel,

      The X3 2.0d 0-100 is rated at 8.5 seconds, we can take the power from 135kw to 165kw and the torque from 380nm to 440nm… That’s considerably more power and torque than the LCI version (rated at 8.1 seconds 0-100) so should easiliy get you into the mid to low 7 second bracket 0-100.

      This costs $1195 and we need the car for just 1 day.

      We do offer loan cars for the day to make it easier but you will need to book.

  61. avatar

    Hi guys, I also have an x5 2011 50i n63tt motor. Any update on figures? Thinking of getting it tuned..

  62. avatar

    Hi, Matt, another question, and just out of interest this time (our next potential car). Do you do tuning for the SQ5 diesels yet.

    • avatar

      Hi Steve,

      Its tuneable. I have sent of an email to make sure we have the hardware to tune it, I’m pretty sure we can. The results are – power goes from 230kw to around 260kw and torque goes from 650nm to around 720nm… Its a weapon of a car in standard form, after the tune you could reasonably expect sub 5 second times 0-100 and all with the economy of a Prius.

  63. avatar

    Hi, I have a 2008 35D (twin turbo) x5 diesel.
    What gains do you expect, and whats the advantage over much-cheaper diesel boxes that people rave about. Thanks

    • avatar

      Hi Steve,

      You can expect to see the power go from 200kw to around 260kw and torque to go from 565nm to around 700nm! So, serious gains to be had. From our experience much cheaper (than $1195) diesel boxes are for the most part crude devices that increase fuel rail pressure by tricking the ECU, we on the other hand, control functions like fuel pressure, injector duty cycle, boost pressure, torque limiters all with the one tune, no chip can do what we can do – period. Dont get caught up in the inflated ‘up to’ numbers quoted by many chips, we back up our results with real world dyno graphs. Also, we custom tune every car we tune in a process that can take over 6 hours. Simply, no generic or ‘tunable’ chip or module can match our results in both power and reliability. Sorry about the rant but I’m pretty passionate about what we do.

      • avatar

        Hi Matt, thanks for the fast response.. appreciated! Actually, my background has a fair bit of modding force induction cars (20b rx7, 996T etc).. so now that I’m a responsible father (!) i have my fist diesel SUV family mover..
        so interested to know if you actually increase the boost pressure in these X5 35d twin turbo’s by your tune, and if so, by what margin. I understand a diesel “box” doesn’t adjust boost pressure and tricks the ECU for fuel pressure only.. so based on my petrol understanding, the boost is where the biggest gain is.. is it the same with these diesels?

        • avatar

          Hi Steve,

          We typically increase the boost pressure by around 3 psi, this is enough to help counter act the extra fuel we add and keep the exhaust gas temps under control. A diesel works different to a petrol engine in that if you add more boost you generally wont make more power, the biggest gain in diesel tuning is adding fuel and that’s why a simple box can get reasonable gains in power albeit somewhat crudely depending on the unit installed. When you just add fuel via injector duty cycle or fuel rail pressure you increase exhaust gas temperature, by adding boost we can have our cake and eat it, so to speak. We take a holistic approach to tuning where we can manage the fuel side, supported by the extra boost and factory torque management limiters.

  64. avatar

    Hi There,

    I just bought a BMW 323i Automatic, late 2008 model (registered early 2009) 2 Door Coupe with 140KW 2.5L 6 Cylinder.

    What tune exists for this, and how many KW increase and cost?

    Thank you


    • avatar

      Hi Nick,

      We can custom tune your cars ECU on the dyno, I do not have specs on the expected gain in power but the engine looks to be the same as the engine fitted in the 325i so reasonable gains should be able to be made.

  65. avatar

    Hi guys. Could you tune 2011 X5 50i v8 twin turbo N63T?
    Kind regards,

    • avatar

      Hi Serge,

      I’m going to say yes. The Australian car looks to be HIGHLY de-tuned which means you can expect some big gains. We need the car for one full day and the cost is $1195.

  66. avatar

    Would like to ask if you can tune 2014 f10 bmw 528i and if yes what are the figures

    • avatar

      Hi Ahmad,

      Tuning for your 528i is still in development sorry. The word from the developer is that it will come up very well. Touch base with us again in a few months.

  67. avatar

    2007 335d coupe, can you tune these?
    Closeset thing I could find with similar specs is the x6 twin turbo.

  68. avatar

    do you replace bmw ecu? got mine scanned and mechanic advised needs replacing. 318i 2000 model

  69. avatar


    DO YOU HAVE A ECU TUNE AVAILABLE BMW 2007 E91 323i touring 2.5LTR 6CYL 130KW MODEL?


    • avatar

      Hi Tony,

      We can tune this vehicle but as we have not tuned one of these before I cant give you an accurate power increase estimate. As you may be aware the later Australian 323i BMW’s made up to 140kw and up to 150kw in Europe with, from what I can tell, the same engine, so with the use of 98 octane fuel I would think we could get you somewhere around there. The price is $1195.

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