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HSV & VE-VFII | 6.0LT & 6.2LT Heads and Camshaft Package

  • Flywheel Power: LS2, L76, L98=420kw LS3=430kw (98 octane fuel)
  • Price: From $5,595
  • Model Compatibility: VE 6.0LT | VFII / HSV LS3
  • Installation Time: 4 Days

"A worth while step above the cam only upgrade, better throttle response & economy, more torque & power! For those that want to leave no stone unturned."

The HPF Head and Cam upgrade starts with our trained technician fitting a fitting a set of Higgins Race Heads CNC Ported Heads and a new high performance camshaft and valve spring package that has been carefully selected by one of our sales technicians to match your driving and vehicle requirements. After all the components are fitted we custom tune your vehicle’s ECU on the dyno utilizing the latest ECU tuning software to maximize power and torque.

We complete the upgrade process by testing your vehicle on the road to make final adjustments, optimizing you vehicles performance and drivability. This is all completed in approximately 3-4 days and at the end of this upgrade we will provided you with a dyno graph detailing the power & torque increase of your vehicle.

Package Includes:

  • 1 x ECU reprogram
  • 1 x Set of reconditioned Higgins CNC ported cylinder heads (changeover)
  • 2 x MLS head gaskets
  • 1 x HP-F performance camshaft (Selected specific to customer requirements)
  • 1 x HP-F performance matched valve springs
  • 1 x Set ARP cam bolts
  • 1 x Timing Chain Sprocket
  • 1 x Set of Performance Hydraulic lifters
  • 1 x Set of head bolts
  • 1 x D.O.D Valley plate (L77 Only)
  • 2 x Water pump gaskets
  • 5 x Genuine Coolant (litres)
  • 1 x Oil and filter change with Castrol oil
  • 1 x Before and after dyno graph
  • 1 x All labour to fit / dyno tune / test


LS2, LS3 & L98 engined Cars

Dyno Graphs




More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

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  1. avatar

    Hi just enquirering
    How is the reliability with this upgrade with something like 231/243 cam is it common to cause future component failure with all the correct maintenance steps to prevent
    And what and is there any warranty
    Thank you

    • avatar

      Hi Beauden, Reliability should be ok with proper maintenance and the correct components fitted at the time of instillation. We offer 12 Months on workmanship and pass on any part manufacturers warranty which is also typically 12 months but may be limited to covering part replacement not labour depending on the manufacturer.

  2. avatar

    Hi Rob
    I have a 2010 VE series 2 SSV REDLINE WAGON, was thinking of the head and camshaft package and was wondering how much the package is with the otr and exhaust and how long it would take to do it ?


  3. avatar

    Hi again Rob,
    I’ve heard of a few ways that power at the flywheel can be converted into power at the rear wheels, and the results differ. What are the correct formulas for calculating power figures from flywheel to rear wheels and back again?

  4. avatar

    Hi Rob,
    I have a September 2009 (MY10) VE SS Ute with 91,000 km on it. It has OTR intake, Pacemaker headers, high flow cats and 2.5” dual Xforce mild steel catback exhausts. It has made 276 rwkw on the dyno. What sort of power would you estimate the head and cam package is going to give me? For a guide to my preferences for power delivery I’m not that into driving fast, but I do love acceleration. There are speed limits but I’m not aware of any acceleration limits.

    • avatar

      Hi Mark, Power will depend on camshaft selection as there is always a compromise, as more peak power typically means less mid range/low end power. We typically see around 50rwkw gain in saying that 276rwkw with the mods you have is very high so we would need to carry out a base line run first to have more of a guide.

  5. avatar

    hi i have a 2015 vf ssv 6.0L manual
    how much would this pacage cost to fit and what type of power am i looking at with a 1 7/8 headers 3″ high flow cats and 3″ exhaust already fitted
    thank you

  6. avatar

    hi mate
    i am buying a 2010 ve ss series 11 ute next month (deposit is down)
    i have been told it has 430 horsepower which as you know equates to around 320kw and there is no dyno sheet as the work was done in a different state and it couldnt be found

    to my knowledge it has otr,extractors wth a full 3″exhaust system and some type of cam set up in it.

    my question is , do this sound like it is believable with those mods done to it? i no the work was done around the year 2011 mark

    • avatar

      Hi Stephen, Is that power figure quoted at the wheels or flywheel?

    • avatar

      The quoted figure wasn’t specified between flywheel or rear wheel
      But I got a power run done and it has 336hp as I found out It’s Not cammed and the AFR was well below 12 but it has a 3″ pacemaker extractors,3″exhaust,maffless tune (not a good tune as the fuel os very jigh at 21/100ks) and cam otr.
      So roughly how much take would I be looking at with tjis cam?

      • avatar

        Hi Stephen, rear wheel power would depend on cam selection which is based of what the car is used for I.e Daily driver or weekender and driveabilty versus max power and idle quality. Typically power would be somewhere between 290-310 rwkw

  7. Hi

    With the this upgrade how does the car push and is it supercharged

  8. avatar

    Whats the cost for this package with full exhaust and headers to suit unsure if that’s a 3″ system or not ☺

  9. avatar

    Hi, I have a ve ssv ’06 ute with OTR, hsv gts cam,l Howard’s lifters, conical springs, 2200 converter shop stall and 3.9 gears and is nice on the street. What would be the next step in cam selection to get mid to low 11s retaining good street manners.
    I know head work is on the cards just worried how big to go as I’d like to hit numbers with a small punchy cam, I have done a 12.7 on crap tyres unable to launch on stall but can tell there is only a few 10ths in it really Id something for street but rip good eats at the track

  10. avatar

    How’s it going boy’s
    I have a 2011 ss s2
    With the above package along with a exhaust symtem and otr roughly what would that all cost installed im looking at adding a bit more grunt to my weekend drive if you know what i mean and since my misses split i have more money to spend on my toys

  11. avatar

    Hi guys, looking at upgrading a few things on my stock auto l98 VE, thinking about his package it is my daily drive don’t really wanna upgrade diff gears or stall. What cam would u recommend? still want it lumpy but not over the top. Also will need otr / headers / 3 inch exhaust / tie bar lifters Currently sitting on 198000kms. Would it make 300rwkw?

  12. avatar

    Hi guys I’m currently running a growler hd cai, pacemaker extractors into a 2 and 1/2 inch manta exhaust with high flow cats just wondering what this package will be like ? Do I need to run an otr or can I get away with the growler?
    Cheers Ryan

  13. avatar

    Hey guys i have a 2011 ve series 3 maloo with full di filippo exhaust system 3inch and otr intake system i currently have 265rwkw
    If i do get the headers and cams package how much kw would i gain rw?
    Thanks guys !!

  14. avatar

    Hi, to go from 390kw cam only to heads and cam 420kw, is this porting only, or is shaving required?
    How many rwkw would porting only gain on a large cam?

    • avatar

      Hi Dan, we use Higgins Race heads CNC ported change over heads in head and cam package. The heads are obviously CNC ported as well as decked to increase compression. Compression makes a big difference to many things in the way the engine makes power, not just top end either, you can expect better throttle response, economy, torque and power. There is not a fixed gain from porting the heads, it comes down to the combination.

  15. avatar

    Hey guys I’ve got a 08 ss ute just wondering what the best exhaust system and intake system would be to suit this pack also how would the lax fast intake go with this package ? Cheers

    • avatar

      Hi Josh,

      The best exhaust would be a dual 3″ system and a good quality set of 4-1 headers and high flow cats. A Over the Radiator cold air intake is also require for maximum performance. A Fast manifold can help but its really only beneficial on a high rpm big camed engine or a stroker.

  16. avatar

    Hi guys, my VE SS2 ute has HSV headers, 100cpi cats and aftermarket exhaust. Will this be fine with this pack?

  17. avatar

    Hey guys, just wondering about this package, and have a couple of questions.
    First of all, what would this setup run like on factory headers and cats, with 2 1/2 cat back system?
    And second, is would this setup be fine with the stock torque converter on auto models?
    And last of all, is there any upgrades to the fuel system for this kind of package, bigger injectors/fuel pump or anything?

    • avatar

      Hi Adam,

      We offer a specific camshaft for automatics that works perfectly with the standard torque converter, we would recommend the fitment of a good exhaust including headers, high flow cats and a good air intake to get the most from this package. No other upgrades are required. The standard headers and cats are not ideal for this sort of performance package however the engine will still pick up some power but it will be a long way from being ideal.

  18. avatar

    Hi what size extractors and system would you use on a VE Wagon I don’t want drone 4 into 1 or try ys Cheers

    • avatar

      Hi Richard,

      We typically use 1-3/4″ 4-1’s. The headers will not cause drone but they will make it worse. The wagons are tough to keep quiet, maybe check out our Bi-modal exhaust offerings from Harrop, they are the answer.

  19. avatar

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 2006 L98 Caprice that is suffering lifter noise problems and rough idle

    Looking to bring it back to factory.

    What do you recommend, approx. cost and time to complete

    • avatar

      Hi Henry,

      Your best bet is to book this in with our service dept for us to take a look over the vehicle and then give you an idea on what is required.

      Give us a call. Speak to Alex.

  20. avatar

    Hi guys i have a gts 2007 with 6.2 ltr engine and 6 speed with VCM MAF otr cold air intake with xforce 3″ exhaust iv had this car from new and only done 68000klm looking at just cam pack or head and cam pack , im after a nice lumpy note with some grunt , what would be the best setup and should i look at changing extractors and cats too , regards Frank

    • avatar

      Hi Frank,

      This is a very common request. A camshaft upgrade is a very nice way of getting more grunt out of your LS3, but like the L98 engine, the hydraulic lifters have been somewhat troublesome. The hydraulic lifters cannot be accessed with the cylinder heads in place so with that in mind we recommend doing the head and cam package which includes new hydraulic lifters. The HPF head and cam package will increase the power of your LS3 by around 60kw at the wheels, give you better throttle response and even better fuel economy when compared to the cam only upgrade. Pricing starts from $5500.

      We would highly recommend doing headers and cats with the cam or head and cam upgrade, the factory components will negate some of the increased air flow afforded by the higher flowing heads and camshaft combination and will cost you power. Also, they sound great. Ideally you would replace the headers and cats in the process as the labour is much less.

  21. Hi Guys I am after some advice on the VE Series HC420 Heads and Camshaft Power Package For My 2007 VE SS ute. it has only 85,000kms on it I have already put a XFORCE 4 into 1 headers and 2.5 inch EXHAUST into 3inch tips and also have a VCM OTR Cold air intake with custom performance tune witch it makes 360RHP/270RKW. I am after a daily driver with a true V8 note but not cop bait and just seeing what you would recommend And what I could gain to RKW/RHP

    Thank for your time

    • avatar

      Hi Alexander,

      Thank you for your enquiry. Our head and HC420 head and cam package would definitely suit your current set up. The package won’t alter the exhaust note of your car a great deal so if you haven’t had problems yet, you shouldn’t after the upgrade. We have seen around 300rwkw in similar packages. With the mileage your car has we would recommend a new set of lifters while doing this package. Give us a call and we can discuss cam profiles with you.

  22. avatar

    Hey just wondering I have a 06 ve v8 calais (auto) it does get used as an everyday car and I was wondering as to what would be best suited for my car?

  23. avatar

    hi i have a ve e3 2011 r8 clubsport and want to cam and supercharge her up what would you recommend she is manual. more power baby lol

    • avatar

      Hi Gerald,

      Thank you for your enquiry. The supercharger package alone would totally transform your car. The addition of a head and cam package would turn the car into an absolute monster. We would choose the best cam for your application depending on how you use the car ie. is it a daily driver or a weekend only car? Give us a call and we can discuss your options.

  24. avatar

    hi rob i have a 07 e1 maloo with a ls2 its currently making 351.7rwhp its got a otr tune and exhaust i was wondering what kind power i would be looking at if i get this package installed

  25. avatar

    Hi, I have a 08 Maloo 317kw (auto) what would be the maximum power I could go too and what package would be the best choice??


  26. avatar

    hey Rob,

    I was wondering if you just sell 420 pack I have a mate whos very handy with cars and likes the look of this one if so, how much. and how lumpy is the cam. and whats the proffered exhurst system 2.5″ or 3.0″

  27. avatar

    hi rob i have a ve gts 07 currently what i have done is 3″ exhuast, headers and otr. i know very little about cars but was interested in the head and cam package as well as the stroker package. is it possible to have them both done. if so what sort of power am i looking at if the car now is 270rwkw

    • avatar

      Hi Justin,

      You can definitely build a Stroker engine with CNC ported heads and a performance camshaft.

      Depending on how big you go with the stroker and how aggressive you go with the cam I would expect power to be between 325-350rwkw with a big increase in torque.


      Rob Vickery

  28. avatar

    Hi Rob,
    I have a VE SSV ute that is completely standard. What would be the best option for me to gain some good power but keep fuel economy if possible as i drive it all day every day?
    Also is it possible to come down to your showroom and go for a drive with a ute that has been done to recognise differences?

  29. avatar

    Hi Rob
    The graphs from the dyno you have above show a L98 making 323.8 and a LS3 only making 316.8. Is this an anomaly or do you find there is always a bit of difference in each individual engine?

    • avatar

      Hi Mick

      Yep each cars power figure will vary slightly along with whether the car is a Manual or Auto and what type of exhaust and intake set-up it has.



  30. avatar


    Is an exhaust upgrade required for this package for a manual MY09 VE Clubsport?

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