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G4S-C390 Camshaft Power Package

  • Flywheel Power: LS1=370kw, LS2, L76=390kw
  • Price: $3,395 Supplied & Fitted
  • Model Compatibility: VT-VZ V8
  • Installation Time: 3 Days

"These things love camshafts! no stalling issues, no piggy driveability issues, just smooth, non-stop power. And that idle…"

The G4SC390 upgrade starts with our trained technician fitting a new high performance camshaft and valve spring package that has been carefully selected by one of our sales team to match your driving and vehicle requirements. After all the components are fitted we custom tune your vehicle’s ECU on the dyno utilizing the latest tuning software to maximize power and torque.

We complete the upgrade process by testing your vehicle on the road to make final adjustments, optimizing you vehicles performance and driveability. This is all completed in approximately 3 days and at the end of this upgrade you will be provided with a dyno graph detailing the power & torque increase of your vehicle.

Package Includes

  • 1 x ECU – reprogram – MAFLESS tune
  • 1 x HP-F performance camshaft. (Selected specific to customer requirements)
  • 1 x HP-F performance matched valve springs
  • 1 x Cloyes single row heavy duty timing chain set
  • 1 x Set ARP Camshaft bolts
  • 1 x Crank Bolt
  • 5 x Genuine Coolant (litres)
  • 1 x Before and after dyno graph
  • 1 x All labour to fit / dyno tune / test


High Kilometer engine’s may require lifter replacement – Add $999 Inc GST

L76 powered vehicles (VZ SS 6.0litre) or any model with displacement on demand technology (AFM) requires replacement lifters and valley plate assembly to delete DOD. – Add $1290 Inc GST

More Information:

Click here to learn how to read a dyno graph.

HPF Warranty

HPF power packages are warranted for the parts and services installed by HPF. Please contact us for more information.

Additional Notes

  • We recommend all vehicles coming to HPF for tuning run 98 Octane fuel. Please contact us if you have a need to use different fuel.
  • Power figures listed are estimated kilowatts at the flywheel based on results typically obtained by HPF on HPF’s dynos. Typically these are based of a manual vehicle with standard driveline and standard wheels and tyres. Actual power can vary based on each specific vehicle.
  • Modifications such as this package require the vehicle to be in excellent mechanical order.
  • We advise against increasing the power output substantially on high kilometer engines, if your engine has in excessive of 150,000kms please contact us to discuss options.
  • Whilst every attempt is made to ensure prices listed online are correct, they are subject to change at any time.
  • Additional parts may be required in some cases depending on the condition of the vehicle. Cost of these parts and additional labor required may incur additional cost.

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  1. avatar

    Hi mark I have an vz ss 6.0 Ute stock with 124000 kms on it want to put 5 grand into the motor can you point me in the right direction on best way to go, cheers mate

  2. avatar

    Hello Rob

    Vx clubsport r8 255 2000

    Just looking at getting a lumpy high torque cam in my 5.7 ltr i have 3.9 diff gears,otr intake, full extractors and full exhaust 2.5″ the car has 220,000 kms im looking for could you please give me a rough idea on price for the above incl. Dyno tune etc. and final estimated rear wheel output id like to start here and possibly supercharge later but try and get the most out of what i have now thanks for your time

    • avatar

      Hi Bryant, Cost of a cam only upgrade is around $3500, however I would recommend you consider doing a head and cam package and change lifters at the same time which would be around the $5500. Power will depend on whether the car is auto or manual I would expect somewhere around 280rwk with existing mods you have on our dyno. Best bet would be to give us a call to go through the various cam options and drivability versus Peak power.

  3. avatar

    hi my names jeff, ive got a vy ss with 270,000 on the clock and i was looking at your cam package and just wondering would it be worth doing? i was thinking of doing it because its got a noisey lifter and i thought if i was going to do the lifters i might aswell put a cam and lifter package!! or what would you recommend me doing??
    regards jeff

    • avatar

      Hi Jeff,

      To replace the lifters, the cylinder heads need to be removed so I would suggest a head and cam package may be more worthwhile. This package can be had for around $5000 and includes new LS7 lifters. Keep in mind the engine has done a fair few KM’s and we may find other parts that need to be done at the same time, generally, i would allow another $1000 contingency as you may find we need to do sump gasket, oil pump, timing chain set, etc

  4. avatar

    Thinking to work an ls1 to about 330-370kw. Just wonding what would you recommend be done to the 4spd auto to handle that?

    • avatar


      The transmission should be OK with 330-370 flywheel Kw’s but it will struggle with that power if your talking rear wheel power. If your talking wheel power the trans will need to be built strong.

  5. avatar

    Hi just wondering if you guys on any information on what can you guys use in this package

    • avatar

      Hi Toni,

      We have a few camshafts to choose from depending on your requirements. Best to give us a call to discuss the options and what your looking to achieve.

  6. avatar

    Gday guys, i have a vy ss commodore and just purchased a brand new vz 297 6.0 litre v8 engine, currenly running a tad under 300rwkw with mafless tune.
    Looking for a very lumpy cam that will sound amazing but get me over the 300rwkw mark.
    Any suggestions?

  7. Hi
    Mate I have a ve calais wagon 08 6speed auto I’m lookin for a mild camsharft not to loud but a bit of power and not to rocking as it’s a family car but have that nice lumpy sound to it

    • avatar

      Hi Nathan, we have a number of different cam specifications to suit a many different applications and driving styles. Give us a call to discuss the right option for you.

  8. avatar

    Hi I have an 04 VZ ss ute with 213kms on the clock, it has headers and exhaust system with the growler intake kit, with that amount of kms would I need to replace the lifters for the extra $999 for the g4s c390 package?

    Regards Arben

  9. avatar

    Hi Rob, just wondering is it worth while putting a cam package into my vyss 5.7 with my kms reaching over 270,000km?? considering when this engine dies on me upgrading to a 6ltr into my vyss.



    • avatar

      Hi Michael,

      I wouldn’t recommend doing the cam upgrade on an engine that’s done 270,000Km. The 6.0lt upgrade sounds like a better option if you want to keep the car.


      Rob Vickery

  10. avatar

    Hi guys,

    Ive got a vz ss ls1 and has got 170000 km on the clock. Would that be an issue getting the cam package done?


  11. avatar


    Currently have a vz SS (LS1) already have full exhaust and OTR-CAI was looking at getting the G4S-C390 package just wondering if engine bordering on being 147 thou would be an issue and if so what steps you would recommend taking


  12. avatar

    hey guys ive got a zv ss ute already got a full exhaust, otr intake and has had a muffless tune it currently got 251kw at the wheels and would like to make no less then 300 at wheels I would also like to have that real nice lumpy sound you get with a good cam. what sort of cam would you suggest for me to get?

  13. avatar

    hi ive just bought a vz clubsport 6.0L auto it already has a stage 1 cam in it but thinking on updating it, the car has a shift kit full exhaust ss induction and extractors is a stall convertor required? if so what would a rough price be to get a stall convertor and cam?


    • avatar

      Hi Ben,

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      Price for Cam package is approx $3600 Inc GST

      Price for Converter upgrade is around $1900 Inc GST supplied and fitted.


      Rob Vickery

  14. avatar


    I was wanting to know if I would require a full exhaust upgrade if I was to get the camshaft power package on a VZ SS 5.7ltr?


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